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How the Zodiac Signs Deal with a Bully Boss

How the Zodiac Signs Deal with a Bully Boss

Do you have a bullying boss whose unfair attitude towards you is driving you crazy? See how your Sun sign tends to react to such situations.

Aries never puts up with bad treatment for long. They’ll let it fly, but probably by the water cooler — not in the boss’s face!

Taurus will take it on the chin and seemingly ignore the situation. But the Bull is adept at the art of passive resistance and will secretly put roadblocks up to trip their boss.

Gemini is good at being elusive at work, making them tricky to pin down. It’s likely their boss will find that aggressive behavior doesn’t have the effect they desired.

Cancer will be deeply hurt and withdraw — but will soon turnaround and demand their integrity back. Then they’ll promptly search for a more harmonious job situation.

Leo will crumple, but then tough it out to see if the boss is properly punished. If not, the Lion will explode with anger and hand in their notice.

Virgo will continue to slave away even when demands are unreasonable. That said, they’ll complain copiously until their case is heard by higher-ups.

Libra will freeze. Their detachment helps them find a method to cope, which will probably involve changing jobs at the first available opportunity.

Scorpio will keep a poker face but will make a plan behind the scenes. They are particularly good at setting up ambushes against anyone who’s done them wrong.

Sagittarius won’t tolerate nastiness and will easily voice their displeasure at being pushed around — and they won’t leave any doubts as to exactly what they mean!

Capricorn is determined to move up the career ladder, so they’ll put up with bad behavior for longer than most since they know they’ll win eventually.

Aquarius will grumble to their co-workers and then duck out of sight. They don’t get easily hurt and will probably let the incident roll off their back (though they may sabotage the boss’s computer!).

Pisces will be very hurt, but they’re experts at not being available when the going gets tough. Elusiveness is their greatest revenge.

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