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Break Up With Every Zodiac Sign

How To Break Up With Every Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs: the best way to break up

Aries– When you getting bored with Aries, the best way to break up with him is gift him useful household things, become tiresome, impatient, do not agree to anything he says and your relationships will end sooner than you thought.

Taurus– You will need some efforts in order to irritate him. Do everything against his will, do not care about your clothes, become impolite and untactful. Argue! Although Taurus is patient enough-this could be too much for him to stay.

Gemini– Want to leave? Act noisy and express all your negative emotions in full. Annoy him with your problems- this will be like a poison to a friendly Gemini. Make every day resemble the other one- Gemini can’t stand even a slight routine.

Cancer– It will be difficult to break up with him. Cancer gets really attached to you. So you will need to use all your imagination to show your indifference. Plain food, sexual dissatisfaction, a good heck of criticism are more or less definite ways to end up this relationship.

Leo– It would be easier than you expect. Talk as much as possible about yourself, trigger conflict. Make him understand your life matters much more than he does. Show him his incompetence. Soon he will leave you to be the only Leo for another woman.

Virgo– Virgo is unwilling to break up once she is in a durable relationship. keep in mind Virgo is very scrupulous and pays attention even to minor faults in others. Talk and dress with vulgarity, make your home a mess, be late on every date, ignore his advices. The door will soon close forever.

Libra-A sure way to make Libra say farewell to you is to show your dissatisfaction with his laziness, and interfere in their personal life (like reading their e-mail). Stop saying complements, be nervous. eat junk food, be aggressive and impudent.

Scorpio– A hard task! he has a bad temper, so be aware! But you still have a chance to break up quietly. Scorpio likes comfort – forget about your house duties. Arrange a shakedown, don’t bother to praise him, consider signs of affection useless. And don’t ever dare to stand against him. Let him leave and breath freely.

Sagittarius – in order to hasten the end of your relationship, you need to impose him your will, criticize him, and flirt with every other man. Keep to this behavior and he won’t stay long.

Capricorn– Tease him- let him know you not serious (Capricorns can’t stand this), use obscene jokes, throw away money, don’t respect his family. Now you won’t see your Capricorn ever again.

Aquarius– when you feel it’s time to part, you won’t have much trouble with Aquarius. Spend all your time at home, be greedy, don’t listen to him, don’t share anything with him. never forgive him his mistakes and don’t let him meet with friends. You will get your freedom on time.

Pisces– don’t notice him, argue and be indifferent to his advices. Blame him for all the deadly sins. Give all his gifts back. Soon you will notice that your Pisces is searching for another partner to cuddle with.

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