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Who is Carl Gustav Jung?

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), an imaginative, Swiss gentleman, spent his life focused on the study of the human psyche, meaning both the unconscious and conscious minds, and its integration with the personality and the greater cosmic whole. Jung’s childhood exposed him to the teachings of both the occult and orthodox religious issues. (1) The impact of his openness to philosophy …

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The concepts of “Seriality” and “Synchronicity” in Astrology

How are the concepts of “seriality” and “synchronicity” relevant to astrology? Towards the end of his career, the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung postulated the term “synchronicity” as a concept serving to illuminate a specific type of relationship between interior states of consciousness and external events. With synchronicity, a meaningful coincidence occurs between one’s internal state and the world outside. Jung …

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What is a Myth?

A myth is an ancient, traditional, usually sacred story that concerns the spiritual journey of an archetypal figure. Every culture has a rich seeding of myths that underpin the history, beliefs and development of that culture. These myths are surprisingly similar; there is much common ground, however diverse the culture, no matter how distant the country of origin from our …

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Mythology of the Planets

The Planets in Mythology The planets and asteroids that you interpret symbolically in your birth chart are named after Greek and Roman deities. The characteristics attributed to them are modelled on the qualities and traits of these pre-Christian gods and goddesses, whose stories in turn stem from the pantheon of Ancient Greece. Each deity has their own myth, and these …

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Subpersonalities: The Planetary Shadow

Just as the galaxies in the heavens are spiral-shaped masses of celestial bodies and stars, so too are our own psyches a spiral of energetic patterns and psychic components. Much like the planets that orbit around the Sun, the different parts of our personality orbit around the divine core of our being – the eternal Self. Current psychological theory accepts …

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The Synchronicity Principle

Last article, we examine how time-honored divination systems like Tarot and the I-Ching are, in modern psychological terms, balanced collections of human archetypes and we shed some light on what archetypes are, according to the great founder of depth psychology, Carl Jung. It was also pointed out that these archetypes (the 78 cards of classical Tarot and the 64 hexagrams …

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