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The Shadow


Jungian Psychology in Astrology – Complexes and Projection

Conflict resides within us all and is seen by its projection onto our outside world especially upon those that we …

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projection shadow astrology

Understanding Projective Identification in Astrology

The term “projection” … seems to me to designate quite correctly the illusion and unconscious assumption by which I ascribe …

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Projection and shadow astrology

Astrology of the Shadow – The 7th House

Carl Jung is, in my opinion, the father of modern day astrology. He wrote in a letter to Professor B.V. …

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Jung’s Shadow in the Horoscope Chart

Carl Jung used the term “shadow” to describe the repressed contents of the personal unconscious — those parts of each …

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Subpersonalities: The Planetary Shadow

Just as the galaxies in the heavens are spiral-shaped masses of celestial bodies and stars, so too are our own …

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