Balance Of Elements

Lack of Air (or Weak Air) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the AIR element, you may get too involved emotionally with situations or, conversely, if you have a lot of fire in your chart, you may get physically and directly involved in situations. Because air is a unifying element, a lack of it implies that you may have a problem detaching yourself …

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Lack of Water (or Weak Water) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the water element, you have the most difficulty with emotions–whether it is your own, those of your friends or loved ones, or even those of distant colleagues. To others, you may seem distant and cold, but it is not that you don’t have emotions it is just that you have no …

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Dominant Air Element

You have AIR as the dominant element in the birth chart, which means more planets are found in air signs or air houses, especially important planets such as the sun, the moon, the personal planets, and the ascendant. This means that what primarily motivates you are thought patterns and the rational mind, and how to communicate those thoughts to others. You enjoy reading, …

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Lack of Earth (or Weak Earth) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the earth element, you feel uncomfortable just living here in the mundane world, and are not naturally attuned to the limitations of the body, the earth, or the “material plane” you see around you. To others you may seem “spaced out,” but that’s probably because your head is full of airy …

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Dominant Fire Element

If in your birth chart, we find that the FIRE element dominates, this hot, radiant energy gives you sunbeams of life, and you typically enjoy direct action, lots of physical exercise, busy movement, and ascertive expression and enthusiasm whenever possible. Though you may need water and earth to sustain you, and a breeze to fan your flames, it is from …

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Dominant Earth Element

If you have EARTH as the dominant element in the birth chart, you are what primarily motivates you are material needs such as security, money, and having the ability to get by in the world by using your skills to support yourself. You are likely more practical than intuitive, preferring to use your five senses to take in necessary information rather than using …

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Dominant Water Element

If you have Water as the dominant element in the birth chart, you are motivated mostly by deep yearnings, by emotions, by unseen psychic nuances, and by feelings. Having a lot of water in your chart gives you the ability to get in touch with your own feelings, and at the same time, gives you an added capacity to experience …

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Lack of Fire (or Weak Fire) in the Birth Chart

If in your chart, there is a lack of the fire element, the fundamental vital principal of trusting life is missing, and you are probably not high spirited or intense in your interactions with people. Challenges may scare you, and major problems probably will take a long time to overcome since you lack the gusto to fight and the courage …

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