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Mars Aspects

Mars – Pluto Aspects

Mars and Pluto: A very powerful combination of planetary forces which gives rise to many tests involving the expression of the desire nature and the direction of will power. When these two are in hard aspect (especially when functioning from the personality level), there is the tendency to use the will (the First Ray of Pluto) in order to subjugate …

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Mars – Neptune Aspects

Mars and Neptune: This is a very powerful expression of the Sixth Ray upon which both of these planets are found. The message is clear: a strong connection has to be made between the energies of the solar plexus and those of the indwelling Christ Principle (the Crown Chakra and its relationship to the pineal gland). This is an incarnation …

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Mars – Uranus Aspects

Mars and Uranus: This can be a very positive influence when activated from the level of the Soul. It is then that Uranus as the governing force of the sacral (sexual) center * inspires the generation of those forms and activities that advance the Path and the Plan. Thus one’s desires become the desires of the Soul! When these planets …

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Mars – Saturn Aspects

Mars and Saturn: This is not the easiest of combinations from the level of the personality, especially when in conjunction, or in any of the hard aspects. Saturn and Mars produce complexities in their blending, producing mental blocks and patterns that inhibit the flow of intuition. Very often there is the urge to focus the desires with such strength that …

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Mars – Jupiter Aspects

Mars and Jupiter: In most cases this is a very positive combination of energies and indicates the spiritual warrior doing battle in the name of Wisdom. In the positive aspects (including the conjunction to a large extent), courage blends with idealism in order to harmonize duality and increase the presence of consciousness and higher knowledge in the world. The hard …

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