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Mercury In The Houses

Mercury in the 5th House

Mercury in the Fifth House

Mercury in 5th House Meaning – The Mind is Focused on Creativity The fifth house symbolizes artistic/creative self-expression, children, financial speculation, and romantic affairs and gives indications of how this particular individual likes to play or their leisure interests. We should keep in mind that the fifth house is ruled by Leo and the Sun so this may be an area where …

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Mercury in the 4th House

☿ Mercury in the Fourth House

Mercury in 4th House Meaning – The Mind is Focused on Family The Fourth house is related to domestic affairs. That is to say, the home of our childhood as well as the home we are likely to wish to make for ourselves as adults. Conditions here tend to reflect how we end things, including the closing years of our life. …

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Mercury in the 3rd House

☿ Mercury in the Third House

Mercury in 3rd House Meaning – The Mind is Focused on Communication The third house is associated with how we think. Planetary energies here will stimulate mental activity and tell us about a person’s aptitude for learning or reasoning. Gemini is the natural sign of the third house, so conditions here will also reflect our ability to communicate. Other third-house matters …

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Mercury in the 2nd House

☿ Mercury in the Second House

Mercury in 2nd House Meaning – The Mind is Focused on Money The Second House is the area of the chart which is said to symbolize moveable assets, finances; innate talents and inner resources; personal values and how we seek security. When we find Mercury in the Second House, our approach to these matters will most naturally come through the intellect. …

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Mercury in the 1st House

☿ Mercury in the First House

Mercury in 1st House Meaning – The Mind is Focused on Self-Identity First-house energies are usually expressed right up front and with Mercury in the First House you may see everything it symbolizes right on the surface of the individual’s personality. That can include the Gemini duality of Mercury manifesting as an individual whose personality (first) may seem to change from time …

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