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Mercury Signs

Mercury In Taurus

Mercury in Taurus Mercury here gives a mind slow to be convinced but very stubborn once a stand is taken. You have a good memory for what you have been able to understand. You learn best by doing rather than just having someone explain something to you verbally. You will have a practical mind which deals particularly well with basic …

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Mercury In Virgo

Mercury in Virgo Mercury’s influence here will vary significantly with the position of the Sun. There are only three possibilities, Leo, Virgo or Libra. Mercury here will be most objective and independent with the Sun in Libra . In Virgo , Mercury serves the Solar prejudices whatever they may be. If the Sun happens to be in Leo, Mercury will …

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Mercury In Leo

Mercury  in Leo This position of Mercury has 3 possible Sun Sign or House combinations which are quite different. The strongest is that of Virgo or the Sixth House. The Sun then produces a mutual reception factor by sign or house. If the Sun is in Cancer or the Fourth House, Mercury’s position here tends to alleviate the shyness and …

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