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Neptune Signs

Neptune In Leo

Neptune in Leo We tend to think of these slow moving planets as not being personal to individuals, but rather to generations. Such is not the case. They only influence a more easily identifiable group of people who still use this influence in the context of the rest of the chart. This is true of all planetary positions. Neptune in …

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Neptune In Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius This position for this generation will be productive of very rigid patterns of religion. You will find that whatever you believe will act as a powerful painkiller and panacea for your problems. This may be very helpful to some and very destructive to others. In some cases, this will give you a faith which frees you to …

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Neptune In Libra

Neptune in Libra This transit through Libra dissolved the boundaries which structured relationships. It became more and more difficult to maintain the expected traditions. Society no longer agreed as to what was right and what was wrong. We began to blindly feel our way in relationships which seemed to be less permanent. By the same token, we dimly saw new …

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