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Uranus In Scorpio

Uranus unlocked the secrets of the paranormal and revolutionized the sex industry as it transited through Scorpio between 1975 and 1981. If you have Uranus in Scorpio, you are curious about your world and its values. Your curiosity leads to seeking information. Especially in this day and age this leads to suffering. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” …

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Saturn In Leo

Saturn in Leo This position of Saturn is antagonistic to the sign. Saturn wants to play down any display, while Leo represents where your pride must express itself. Thus you have pride in conservation and responsibility, which can be extremely self-righteous about poorly taken stands. This position increases your stubborn resistance to self expression and the exercise of free will. …

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Mars In Cancer

Mars in Cancer This is not a easy position for Mars. The warrior is not happy in the home. The aggressive urges wreak havoc on the domestic emotional scene. These people often long for a peaceful home unsuccessfully. You probably experience a tumultuous childhood subject to considerable hostility and upheaval. It will be important to clarify these early experiences and …

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Venus In Virgo

Venus in Virgo This position of Venus is much maligned because it causes you to be suspicious of the love nature that the world has idolized to their detriment. This position of Venus points to the true nature of love. Since the world or humanity at large is still very unwilling to recognize true love, these people must use this …

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Sun In Libra

The Sun in Libra Libra is the sign of relationships and fairness, as such when the Sun is in this sign these matters become important to the individual. Libra Sun signs find beauty, harmony and fairness to be important matters, however when a person considers it important that things be fair they can end up feeling slighted quite often if …

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Mercury In Virgo

Mercury in Virgo Mercury’s influence here will vary significantly with the position of the Sun. There are only three possibilities, Leo, Virgo or Libra. Mercury here will be most objective and independent with the Sun in Libra . In Virgo , Mercury serves the Solar prejudices whatever they may be. If the Sun happens to be in Leo, Mercury will …

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Moon In Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius This is a tricky combination of shy, detached emotionalism. You find that your roots are closely tied to the roots of humanity, for various reasons, probably going back to the way you were raised. You feel a need to project an aura of humility while you also feel that you have abilities that are far more …

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Sun In Cancer

The Sun in Cancer When the Sun is in Cancer the person has strong feelings which are important to them along with their families as well as memories. Their subjective reactions are very important to them, this is the sign of the “gut” feeling and Cancer Sun signs should listen to their impressions. This position of the Sun gives you …

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Pluto In Leo

Pluto in Leo Those of you who were born with Pluto in Leo have a rather regenerative as well as a self destructive attitude toward your life support system which is supported by your entire generation depending on what sign your Sun channels these energies through. Your existence is literally a life and death matter which you see as being …

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Neptune In Libra

Neptune in Libra This transit through Libra dissolved the boundaries which structured relationships. It became more and more difficult to maintain the expected traditions. Society no longer agreed as to what was right and what was wrong. We began to blindly feel our way in relationships which seemed to be less permanent. By the same token, we dimly saw new …

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Uranus In Cancer

Uranus in Cancer Uranus spent seven years in this sign disrupting the home scene one way or another, mostly through women’s roles in the home. Television is perhaps the most powerful symbol of this transit. This represents a mental influence in an emotional sign. These people have a strong awareness of the need for both freedom and security. However, these …

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Saturn In Libra

Saturn in Libra This position for Saturn indicates a tremendous feeling of responsibility for maintaining a sense of fairness in relationships. It also gives Saturn increased power in your chart to keep you faithful to whatever responsibilities that you accept. You are likely to feel the weight of heavy obligations which never quite lift, no matter how successful you are. …

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Jupiter In Taurus

Jupiter  in Taurus This position of Jupiter tends to focus your attention on tangible, specifically monetary values. You may be philosophical about the good you can do with financial abundance and feel that your hands are effectively tied without financial resources to express your deeper feelings. Therefore, you are likely to put the accumulation of money very high on your …

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Mars In Scorpio

Mars  in Scorpio This position represents contained energy. There is likely to be intense pressure which produces an uneven flow. Nothing is accomplished freely and easily. Much driving energy is behind all action. You will feel that it takes power to accomplish anything. This position of Mars emphasizes the extremes of Scorpio. You will sacrifice everything for your goal. You …

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Venus In Cancer

Venus in Cancer This position of Venus grants a very sensitive, attractive, subtle and emotional love nature. You would like to just sit and ooze attraction to pull others to you from a rather safe secluded place. Venus is very powerful in this position. The affections are liquefied and magnetic. The individual attracts what is wanted rather than aggressively seeking …

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Mercury In Leo

Mercury  in Leo This position of Mercury has 3 possible Sun Sign or House combinations which are quite different. The strongest is that of Virgo or the Sixth House. The Sun then produces a mutual reception factor by sign or house. If the Sun is in Cancer or the Fourth House, Mercury’s position here tends to alleviate the shyness and …

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Moon In Pisces

The Moon in Pisces is not a very easy position. You are much more vulnerable to the plight of the poor and downtrodden than those with the Sun here. You tend to have a “sack cloth and ashes” philosophy and yet you are very dependent on a comfortable existence in the real world. You hang between heaven and earth without, in …

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moon pluto

Moon-Pluto Aspects

When the intensity, depth, and primal quality of Pluto combine in the birth chart with the feeling nature of the Moon, the result is a deep feeler, a sensitive soul who is immersed not only in his or her own emotional world, but who is in touch with the sentiments, rhythms, and moods of the collective as well. The emotional …

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