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Pluto Signs

Pluto In Cancer

Pluto in Cancer Four years, 19 1 2- 1916, both Neptune and Pluto transited Cancer disrupting the home and traditional values of all kinds. Pluto remained in Cancer until 1938. The Cancerian United States went through one world war and prepared for the second. Many of those born during this period suffered broken homes. The society as a whole had …

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Pluto In Libra

Pluto in Libra Virgo and Libra are the last two signs to have a ruler of their own. Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio became more acceptable as humanity evolved to the point where their true nature became comprehensible. Discovery of these rulers coincided with this evolvement. Perhaps with the discovery of the Asteroids we are seeing more of the nature of …

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Pluto In Leo

Pluto in Leo Those of you who were born with Pluto in Leo have a rather regenerative as well as a self destructive attitude toward your life support system which is supported by your entire generation depending on what sign your Sun channels these energies through. Your existence is literally a life and death matter which you see as being …

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