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Saturn In Cancer

Saturn In Cancer: In Search Of The Inner Adult

Cancer Sign Cancer symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth and is the power of the female principle. Cancer is the archetype of the good mother emotional: sensitive, loving, compassionate, home-loving, nurturing and protective. Cancer is lakes and pearls, home and country, cooking and family, and the color blue. Cancer can also be frightened, over-protective and smothering, overly emotional, and phobic …

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Saturn In Aries

Aries Keyphrase: “I need to be independent, bold and develop self-awareness.” The Test With Saturn in Aries you are learning how to · Be self-assertive and put your will into action in a controlled manner. · Subdue the internal critic (adopted from a parent?) which inhibits your free expression. · Be your own authority. · Act with confidence and courage. …

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Saturn In Taurus

Saturn in Taurus Taurus Keyphrase: “I need to be resourceful, productive and stable.” The Test With Saturn in Taurus you are learning how to · Have faith that your innate skills and talents are more than adequate to provide all the security you need. · Establish a solid base (domestic and professional) which will provide you with a sense of …

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Saturn In Leo

Saturn in Leo This position of Saturn is antagonistic to the sign. Saturn wants to play down any display, while Leo represents where your pride must express itself. Thus you have pride in conservation and responsibility, which can be extremely self-righteous about poorly taken stands. This position increases your stubborn resistance to self expression and the exercise of free will. …

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Saturn In Libra

Saturn in Libra This position for Saturn indicates a tremendous feeling of responsibility for maintaining a sense of fairness in relationships. It also gives Saturn increased power in your chart to keep you faithful to whatever responsibilities that you accept. You are likely to feel the weight of heavy obligations which never quite lift, no matter how successful you are. …

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