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Sun Signs

Sun In Aries

The Sun in Aries When the Sun is in Aries in a person’s chart they consider themselves important in so far as they take direct immediate decisive action. The sign of Aries makes the Sun want immediate feedback and it thinks of its own intentions strongly, this Sun position is a natural leader albeit egotistical and self-focused. Having the Sun …

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Sun In Libra

The Sun in Libra Libra is the sign of relationships and fairness, as such when the Sun is in this sign these matters become important to the individual. Libra Sun signs find beauty, harmony and fairness to be important matters, however when a person considers it important that things be fair they can end up feeling slighted quite often if …

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Sun In Cancer

The Sun in Cancer When the Sun is in Cancer the person has strong feelings which are important to them along with their families as well as memories. Their subjective reactions are very important to them, this is the sign of the “gut” feeling and Cancer Sun signs should listen to their impressions. This position of the Sun gives you …

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