Astrology and Horoscopes

Basic Astrology Chart Synthesis

First Impressions- Major Aspect Structures (Part 2)

This is part two of two on building a first impression in a horoscope. Life only makes sense when we order it to be so. Otherwise, we are overwhelmed by the unknown, swamped by the potential for confusion and chaos. We instinctively reach out and ground ourselves, drawing on relationships that connect us to greater themes and grander, richer lives. …

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First Impressions- Eyeballing A Horoscope With Confidence(Part 1)

As Julie walks down a busy city street, her head is held low and her posture is sunken. She orders a coffee at a small outdoor café, but has to repeat her order twice because the man behind the counter cannot hear her. Her eyes are remote as she holds her purse tight to her body, walking onward. Across the …

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What’s Essential For Judging A Chart And How To Sum It Up

Condensed information on what’s essential for judging a chart and how to sum it up. What are the general principles in any chart? Does our astrological orientation equal our astronomical orientation? And finally, what are our basic philosophic values which shape our interpretation of life and charts? Our convictions as to how the universe is shaped can help or prevent …

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