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The Astrology Of Josef Fritzl – Making Sense Of the “Dungeon Dad”

Have you heard this story yet?! In Austria, Josef Fritzl (4/9/1935) kept his daughter in his basement dungeon as a …

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Karen Robidoux

The Astrology Of Karen Robidoux – Starved Her Child for God

As I’ve been busily compiling a database of women accused of killing their children, the Karen Robidoux case grabbed my …

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Cameron Hooker

The Astrology Of Cameron Hooker – Scorpio Gone Wild

With recent news items about men who kept their own daughters as sex slaves, I began contemplating the psychology of …

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Brenda Spencer birth-chart

Astrology Of Brenda Spencer – Secrets, Lies and Mondays

From Charles Whitman to Columbine, school shootings have confounded the public and bred fear in parents and students. What could …

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Elizabeth Taylor Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Taylor lived up to her potential in life. She tapped into her intrinsic psychic …

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Tom Cruise Astrological Analysis

Tom Cruise has been one of the leading actors in Hollywood every since the world really paid attention to him …

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George Bush’s “Closest Aspect”

The closest aspect in Bush’s horoscope is a sesqui-square (135°–also known as a sesqui-quadrate), a challenging angle between his 2nd …

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Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey and the Violation of Childhood

What is it about America that we have to masquerade our little girls and make them into miniature sex princesses, …

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The Lunar Nodes and Mr. Clinton

At the SBAS meeting David Railey gave a most valuable talk on the Lunar Nodes. In western astrology the Nodes …

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Reflections on the Monica Lewinsky Affair

Astrologically, the Monica Lewinsky affair is important, but not for the reasons the media owners would have us believe. The …

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JonBenet Ramsey and the House of Horrors

By all appearances the prospects of solving the JonBenet murder are not very good. The fact that this case has …

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Some Comments on the Littleton, Colorado Student Massacre

It is always easier evaluating such tragic events as the Littleton, Colorado student massacre after they occur. But it isn’t …

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The Life Of Madonna: An Astrological Perspective (2)

Weathering a Storm: transiting Uranus conjoins Saturn Although fame was an adjustment for Madonna, causing a severe loss of her …

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The Life Of Madonna: An Astrological Perspective (1)

Introduction What makes Madonna unique among entertainers is her staying power and her sphere of influence. When Madonna rose to …

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The Death of John Lennon

Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. John Lennon It has been over 20 years …

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whitney houston

Whitney Houston Astrology Chart Interpretation

One of the most prolific singers of our time, her unique, distinct vocals and breathtaking ability to convey emotion through …

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kurt cobain astrology

The Astrology of Kurt Cobain

Let’s take a look at Kurt Cobain’s Astrology chart! It’s quite a busy and a very unique one. He is …

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Lance Armstrong

When it comes to the Olympics, road cyclist Lance Armstrong knows what he’s doing. He competed well in 1992 at …

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The World Of Richard D. James

Richard D. James only writes music that goes to extremes. And it is this boundary-pushing fanaticism in every direction away …

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The Life & Death of Princess Diana (4)

More DreamSpeak We could consider the incident in Paris involving Dodi and Diana, and the week following, to be an …

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