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The Astrology Of Josef Fritzl – Making Sense Of the “Dungeon Dad”

Have you heard this story yet?! In Austria, Josef Fritzl (4/9/1935) kept his daughter in his basement dungeon as a sex slave for 24 years and had 7 children with her!!! (Yeah, but other than that, I hear he’s a pretty nice guy…) This story is unbelievably Plutonian, so for this article, we’ll visit hell for a bit. As I …

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Karen Robidoux

The Astrology Of Karen Robidoux – Starved Her Child for God

As I’ve been busily compiling a database of women accused of killing their children, the Karen Robidoux case grabbed my attention because unlike mothers who kill because of escalating abuse, financial gain, or callous neglect, Robidoux’s son Samuel died because of the orders handed down by an Attleboro cult called the Body. Horoscope and astrology data of Karen Robidoux 9/15/1975 9:14 …

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Cameron Hooker

The Astrology Of Cameron Hooker – Scorpio Gone Wild

With recent news items about men who kept their own daughters as sex slaves, I began contemplating the psychology of crimes like these, where victims experience indescribable horror for years at the hands of a sadistic maniac, and live to tell the tale. Lois Rodden’s Astro Data V recently arrived in my mailbox, so I consulted the text, combing through …

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Brenda Spencer birth-chart

Astrology Of Brenda Spencer – Secrets, Lies and Mondays

From Charles Whitman to Columbine, school shootings have confounded the public and bred fear in parents and students. What could possess kids to take such drastic measures—taking the lives of others while ruining their own lives in the process? On January 29, 1979, Brenda Spencer, a tiny 16 year old redhead took aim at the elementary school across the street …

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Elizabeth Taylor Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Taylor lived up to her potential in life. She tapped into her intrinsic psychic impulses to become the icon she was. Yet, the shadow side of those same impulses haunted her during her life, leaving behind a very human legacy. Her astrology chart, beauty and charisma are manifestations of her tightly conjoined Venus and …

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Tom Cruise Astrological Analysis

Tom Cruise has been one of the leading actors in Hollywood every since the world really paid attention to him in his first leading role in “Risky Business” in 1983. Since then he has gone on to star in such movie blockbusters as “Top Gun”, “Rain Man”, “The Color of Money”, “A Few Good Men”, “Mission Impossible”, “The Firm”, and …

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George Bush’s “Closest Aspect”

The closest aspect in Bush’s horoscope is a sesqui-square (135°–also known as a sesqui-quadrate), a challenging angle between his 2nd house Mars and his Midheaven (see Bush’s horoscope below). The second house has to do with self-image and personal values, the Midheaven with our profession. The closest aspect is important in any horoscope, even when it is not one of …

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Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey and the Violation of Childhood

What is it about America that we have to masquerade our little girls and make them into miniature sex princesses, complete with lipstick, make-up, flirty clothes and sexual mannerisms. The pictures of JonBenet Ramsey dressed up to mimic a grown woman are horrifying. Yes, she was an absolutely beautiful child but why deprive her of her innocence and her carefree …

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The Lunar Nodes and Mr. Clinton

At the SBAS meeting David Railey gave a most valuable talk on the Lunar Nodes. In western astrology the Nodes represent things that are operating on a deep emotional and instinctual basis. For this reason they are often out of, and beyond, our conscious awareness. The Nodes and the signs in which they fall symbolize the root polarity of the …

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Reflections on the Monica Lewinsky Affair

Astrologically, the Monica Lewinsky affair is important, but not for the reasons the media owners would have us believe. The controversy surrounding the alleged affair represents a significant moment in the revolutionary emergence of the Goddess archetype in American culture. That is its real importance. CONSIDER: at the time the media went nuts, Saturn was transiting Aries, opposing America’s natal …

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JonBenet Ramsey and the House of Horrors

By all appearances the prospects of solving the JonBenet murder are not very good. The fact that this case has dragged on for nearly six months, with no apparent resolution or indictment is clearly indicated by the chart of the 911 call of 12/26/96, 5:52AM, Boulder CO. It was at that time that a distraught Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet, …

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Some Comments on the Littleton, Colorado Student Massacre

It is always easier evaluating such tragic events as the Littleton, Colorado student massacre after they occur. But it isn’t a surprise in light of all the news around the killing of our youth. Being a mother of high school age children, and finding myself standing outside of my children’s schools two days after this event because of a bomb …

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The Life Of Madonna: An Astrological Perspective (2)

Weathering a Storm: transiting Uranus conjoins Saturn Although fame was an adjustment for Madonna, causing a severe loss of her privacy and anonymity, if anyone was prepared to take the exposure of the spotlight, it was Madonna. The first three years of Madonna’s renown were trouble-free and like a dream. The hits kept rolling, the positive though somewhat controversial celebrity …

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The Life Of Madonna: An Astrological Perspective (1)

Introduction What makes Madonna unique among entertainers is her staying power and her sphere of influence. When Madonna rose to fame in the early-to-mid eighties, very few purveyors of pop music believed that she had the talent or ability to sustain a career over the course of the decade, let alone over a few albums. When Madonna and Cyndi Lauper …

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The Death of John Lennon

Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. John Lennon It has been over 20 years since the murder of John Lennon yet his words and music continue to find new and appreciative young audiences. Musical styles and fashions shift ceaselessly but the music of John Lennon continues to commercially outpace most contemporary acts 40 years …

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whitney houston

Whitney Houston Astrology Chart Interpretation

One of the most prolific singers of our time, her unique, distinct vocals and breathtaking ability to convey emotion through the words she sung, Whitney Houston captured the hearts of many. She came from a lineage of songstress talent, (her cousin is Dionne Warwick, mother Cissy Houston (singer) and godmother Aretha Franklin) making her own individual mark as one of …

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kurt cobain astrology

The Astrology of Kurt Cobain

Let’s take a look at Kurt Cobain’s Astrology chart! It’s quite a busy and a very unique one. He is indeed the Neptunian poster child with 4 planets in Pisces and many, many Neptunian aspects. There is great vulnerability in this chart, portrayed both physically and even more so emotionally. Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer is a very …

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Lance Armstrong

When it comes to the Olympics, road cyclist Lance Armstrong knows what he’s doing. He competed well in 1992 at the Barcelona Games and again in 1996 at the Olympics held in Atlanta. But when he found out he had testicular cancer, everything about his life changed. He stopped cycling for a year and devoted his time to trying to …

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The World Of Richard D. James

Richard D. James only writes music that goes to extremes. And it is this boundary-pushing fanaticism in every direction away from the norms of popular music which allows listeners to so easily discern the archetypal patterns which James prolifically and magnetically harnesses. James, known by the aliases Aphex Twin, Polygon Window, and AFX, is the experimental wunderkind who almost single-handedly …

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The Life & Death of Princess Diana (4)

More DreamSpeak We could consider the incident in Paris involving Dodi and Diana, and the week following, to be an aspect of the collective consciousness, since nearly all of humanity were aware of it and stood witness. If we were to analyze the event as if it were a collective dream, we would all individually be well-advised to “own” every …

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