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The Astrology Of Josef Fritzl – Making Sense Of the “Dungeon Dad”

Have you heard this story yet?! In Austria, Josef Fritzl (4/9/1935) kept his daughter in his basement dungeon as a …

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Karen Robidoux

The Astrology Of Karen Robidoux – Starved Her Child for God

As I’ve been busily compiling a database of women accused of killing their children, the Karen Robidoux case grabbed my …

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Cameron Hooker

The Astrology Of Cameron Hooker – Scorpio Gone Wild

With recent news items about men who kept their own daughters as sex slaves, I began contemplating the psychology of …

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Brenda Spencer birth-chart

Astrology Of Brenda Spencer – Secrets, Lies and Mondays

From Charles Whitman to Columbine, school shootings have confounded the public and bred fear in parents and students. What could …

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