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The Life & Death of Princess Diana (3)

Dodi’s Chart Dodi al-Fayed‘s birthdate is unknown, owing to popular Islamic custom of choosing the 15th of the birth month as the birthdate. The best data I have at this time is April “15”, 1955, in Alexandria Egypt, and I’m not entirely certain of the year or the location, as there were a couple of years and birthplaces rumored – …

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The Life & Death of Princess Diana (2)

Diana’s Chart Diana Spencer was born July 1, 1961, 7:45 pm GMD (British Summer Time, -01:00), Sandringham England 00E30, 52N50. Source of the birthtime is an annoucement by Buckingham Palace. Another birthtime of 2:15 pm has been used by several well-known astrologers. I’m using the 7:45 pm birthtime here, Tropical system, Koch houses. Degree / Sign / House – Dwad …

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The Life & Death of Princess Diana (1)

Preface Almost 2 months after the death of Princess Diana, I am finally ready to write my observations, having needed all the time in order to slowly digest events historically, astrologically and metaphysically. This article takes a cross-disciplinary perspective, and consists of highlights from all that could be cited astrologically. The article is technical and will be of interest to …

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Gordon Ramsay’s Affair

Gordon Ramsay is the richest TV Celebrity Chef in the UK (with a fortune estimated at around £60,000,000 or $117,000,000 if you would prefer!), a cookery writer and the owner of several restaurants around the world. He is famous for the heavy use of bad language in the kitchen (hence one of his TV show called ‘The F-Word’…) and appeared …

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