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Valentine's Tips for Chinese Zodiac Signs

Valentine’s Tips for Chinese Zodiac Signs

RAT: Thank your Rat lover for protecting and loving you so exclusively. And remember to say thanks as well for making you laugh and for providing for your well being and those of the ones you both love. Though your Rat mate may seem calm and collected, inside they are nervous as cats. Presents? Give your favorite Rat luxuries. Elegant, …

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The Twenty Eight Lunar Mansions

The Chinese Calendar is derived from the placements of the New and Full Moons, and is consequently known as the Lunar Calendar. It is the oldest in continuous use, and is undoubtedly more complex than the Western Solar calendar. The Chinese also have a solar calendar, which is fixed to the four solar markers: the two equnioxes (March 21st and …

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Precious Flower for your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Find the Precious Flower for your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese Astrology: Precious Flowers for the Signs of the Zodiac According to tradition, when Jade, the Chinese heavenly god, and Guan, the Chinese god of earth, created Chinese Astrology they used 12 animals to represent the Signs of the Zodiac. Each Chinese year is associated with the next sign of the zodiac in a 12 year cycle. After the gods …

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moon phases

The Moon In Chinese Astrology

The cycle of the Moon The Moon plays a significant role in the entire Chinese culture, not just in Chinese astrology. The Chinese calendar is based on Moon cycles. A Moon cycle consists of four phases, the new Moon, the first quarter Moon, the full Moon and the last quarter Moon (see image below). The Chinese New Year falls on …

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Working Mothers Juggling Career And Family Ask: Why Was I Not Born Or Married Rich?

I am the first one to admit that if God, or some creator let me design my own life, I would make myself the only child of mega-rich parents. It does not necessarily mean that I would sit around and do nothing all day, or party my life away. In fact, I might even devote my life to good causes …

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How Far Would You Go To Shape The Future Of Your Children?

Playing God A recent fad among the rich and famous in Hong Kong is to use a Caesarian Section to deliver a child in a private hospital based on the date and time specified by an astrologer. The theory is that if the fortune, experiences, and expected life span of a person can be determined by the date and time …

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weak spot

What Is Your Achilles Heel According To Chinese Astrology?

Everyone has at least one vulnerable spot. It is a potential weak spot that explodes into a disaster when enough pressure is applied to it. It is almost like a ticking time bomb, waiting for its time to ignite. In Chinese astrology, four stars are impacted by special forces determined by the year of birth. The special forces are: wealth …

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Wealth chinese astrology

What Kind Of Wealth Are You Pursuing?

When the subject of wealth comes up, we tend to think of material possessions which can come in two forms. The preferred form is hard cash and cash equivalents, such as stocks and bonds. The second form is fixed assets or big ticket items that have resale value and can be converted to cash, such as automobiles and real estate. …

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Comparison of Western and Chinese Zodiac

1. Contrary to common belief, there is a sort of correlation between the twelve animals of Chinese Astrology and the twelve signs of the Western zodiac. 2. Western Astrology is based upon a system which uses the path of the sun through the heavens, as seen from planet Earth. It looks at the constellations which used to lie along this …

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Pig – Spiritual Path

Pigs are generous, charitable personalities who are ruled by the Water element in Chinese astrology. Of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, they are most likely to believe that mankind lives in a benevolent universe. Pigs are too optimistic to have crises of faith. They often demonstrate their faith in others by displaying kindness, compassion and tenderness in the …

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Dog – Spiritual Path

The Dog is the most likely of all the Chinese signs to be an atheist. Dogs are practical, humanistic creatures who are ruled by the Metal element in Chinese astrology. Religion is often a subject of great inner turmoil for them has they are often unable to reconcile human suffering with the idea of a higher power. Dogs are charitable …

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Monkey – Spiritual Path

Monkeys are trusting, playful individuals who are ruled by the Metal element in Chinese astrology. They are very curious about metaphysical and spiritual matters and love ghost stories and tales about the occult. When they turn to religion, it is usually for moral guidance as they have a habit of straying from the morally correct path. Monkeys despise organized religion …

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Goat – Spiritual Path

Goats are morally correct, upright individuals that are ruled by the Fire element in Chinese astrology. They often believe in listening to the inner voice as well as in the existence of spirits and entities. Many of them are natural channelers. Goats often engage in daily prayer. In fact, they often become religious to the point of sanctimony and superstition. …

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Horse – Spiritual Path

Horses are gregarious, personalities that are ruled by the Fire element in Chinese astrology. Many of them stubbornly believe that they are the masters of their own fate. For this reason, many don’t adopt a religious practice until very late in life. Their spiritual lesson in life is learning that they can’t control other people. Horses have trouble accounting for …

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Snake – Spiritual Path

Snakes are highly cultured, sensitive individuals that are ruled by the Fire element in Chinese astrology. Snakes are blessed with a keen sixth sense and many believe in angels, spirits and ghosts. Many Snakes are even natural healers. This superstitious sign will often wear a talisman or amulet to protect against negative energy. As Snakes have an inherent understanding of …

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Dragon – Spiritual Path

Dragons are dramatic and intelligent individuals that are ruled by the Wood element in Chinese astrology. Practical dragons tend to perceive their spiritual path as a series of actions followed by consequences. They often believe in reincarnation as well as in the concept of karma. Many don’t like to talk about their spiritual path and believe there is power in silence. …

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Rabbit – Spiritual Path

The Rabbit is an analytical and skeptical sign that is ruled by the Wood element in Chinese astrology. As most Rabbits are humanists, they tend to choose religions that cover a lot of bases such as Shintoism, which combines Buddhism with Shamanism, or the Bahai Faith, which embraces several religions in one. A Rabbit’s spiritual path is often centered on …

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Tiger – Spiritual Path

The Tiger is a spiritually progressive sign that is ruled by the Wood element in Chinese astrology. Tigers generally believe that they are masters of their own fate, until much later in life when they achieve the clarity to find their spiritual path. Often Tigers see religious practice as a way to absolve guilt, or as a self-improvement program. If …

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Ox – Spiritual Path

The Ox is a spiritually disciplined and God-fearing sign that is ruled by the element of Water in Chinese astrology. Although they are very practical people, Oxen rarely need convincing of the existence of a higher power. This somewhat superstitious sign usually believes that a soul is born in need of protection from negative influences. Whether they belong to a …

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Rat – Spiritual Path

The Rat is a spiritually sophisticated and deeply inquisitive sign that is ruled by the element of Water in Chinese astrology. The spiritual path for Rats is often quite complicated, as their cerebral side often doubts the messages they hear from the Higher Self. Early in life, Rats tend to be great rebels and skeptics, but as they grow older …

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