Astrology and Horoscopes

What Is Chinese Astrology?

Comparison of Western and Chinese Zodiac

1. Contrary to common belief, there is a sort of correlation between the twelve animals of Chinese Astrology and the twelve signs of the Western zodiac. 2. Western Astrology is based upon a system which uses the path of the sun through the heavens, as seen from planet Earth. It looks at the constellations which used to lie along this …

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The History Of Chinese Astrology And Divination

Of Time and Tortoises In the region of China, Mongolia and Tibet, about four thousand years ago, men were anxiously eyeing the sun and moon, trembling at eclipses, worrying about the livestock, crops and produce, and wondering what would happen next. One may safely assume the same thing was happening in the Indian subcontinent and indeed everywhere else in the …

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