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symbolism snow white and the seven dwarfs

The Symbolism Behind Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Warwick Goble When one thinks of Disney, the image that comes to mind …

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Treasures from the Reading Room

Treasures from the Reading Room

*Natal South Node in the same sign as the Ascendant and simultaneously in a water sign will suggest noise sensitivity, …

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wedding astrology

Suggestions in Choosing a Wedding Date With Astrology

Here are some suggestions in picking a wedding date: – Rule out Mercury retrograde dates. – Rule out Venus retrograde …

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Birth Chart Life Clock

Your Birth Chart is a Life Clock

We are all familiar with a baby’s milestones and the changes that occur throughout their first years of life, but …

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Horary Question: When Will He Propose? Nov. 27, 2001 03:01AM, Union City, NJ

Some Beginning Steps in Horary Astrology

Table Of Contents: The Hour and Day Rulers Degrees of the Moon’s Travel Horary uses the Ancient Rulerships What Planet …

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moon horary astrology

The Horary Moon As Ruler

The Moon is always the co-ruler of the querent. There are times when you should use the Moon as the ruler …

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solar lunar returns

Predicting Stages Of Growth Through Solar (and Lunar) Returns

Introduction The chart drawn on one’s birthday, at the time when the Sun reaches the same degree as at birthtime, …

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marriage in astrology

How Astrologers View Love

Love, Soulful Relationships And The Stars In astrology everything is a force. Love, in this case is the force of …

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marriage in astrology

What Marriage Is From The Standpoint Of Astrology

Marriage And The Astrological Quest For Wholeness Why do people get married? Is it for sex, for money, for tradition …

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advent-at-midlfe Art by Helena Nelson Reed

Astrological Influence During Mid-Life

What is Mid-Life, Astrologically Astrologically, Mid-life begins sometime during the late thirties and ends towards the mid to late forties. Mid-life …

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waxing gibbous

Understanding Personalities By Moon Phases

The natal phases reflect facets within the personality and life structure of the individual. As part of life’s cycles, they …

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embrace the darkness

Embracing the Darkness

All too often our spiritual traditions teach us to bathe ourselves in the light of whatever deity or deities we …

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as above so below

As Within, So Without: Your Challenge in Relationships

In February 2000, my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I often joke that if I had known …

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Personality Types Astrology

Personality Types, A Commentary on Human Differences

People are different from each other. Perhaps when we mature enough to realize this then an interest in learning about …

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Shakespeare and Astrology

Shakespeare, Astrology, and Alchemy: A Critical and Historical Perspective As we move into the 21st Century, the plays of William Shakespeare …

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Astrology and The Twelve Hungers

There are twelve basic hungers, desires, or needs in astrology -one for every planet, sign, house, or aspect of the …

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career astrology

Career Significators In Astrology

Astrologers traditionally look to the tenth house in a chart for indications of the career path an individual will take. …

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How Astrology and Shamanism Blend into Astroshamanism

Many people are drawn to astrology as a means to self-understanding. Astroshamanism combines a direct and personal experience with astrological …

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prosperity astrology

Using Astrology to Become Prosperous

Ten Steps to Prosperity is based on the idea that the amount of money in the bank – or investment …

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Lost Flowers – the Deflowering of Persephone

The vi’lets from her lap, and lillies fall: She misses ’em, poor heart! and makes new moan; Her lillies, ah! …

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