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The Astrology of Idealism- Dreaming On the Ground

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead “Idealism marks the place where grief is so very often felt.” – Noel Tyl Daniel has turned 56 now, living in a cramped house in a small city in southern Ontario. Day-old donuts sit …

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Astrological Profile within the workplace

Where once astrology in the corporate world was dismissed as “hocus pocus” today’s businessmen are much more tuned in to the effective use of astrology as a tool to evaluate employee’s aptitudes and strengths. In the process of recruitment an assessment of the individual is made, for example: psychometric testing is used extensively for selecting the ideal candidate. The astrologer …

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Traditional Astrologer

What is “Traditional” Astrology?

In seventeenth century England, astrology flourished. Most people who become interested in astrology come across the name William Lilly at some point in their studies and Lilly was probably the greatest of the seventeenth century astrologers. However, to achieve this greatness required a supporting cast and there were many others who filled this role. Although they never matched Lilly’s reputation as …

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Astrology and Addiction

Have you ever wondered what the natal chart reveals with regard to potential for addiction? Addiction has many faces: substances: drugs, alcohol, food; processes: spending, gambling, sex, relationships. Let’s look at where we can find the propensity to get lost in self-medicating mirrored in our natal blue prints? How can astrology help us in understanding the process of addiction and …

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The Astrological Significance Of Death

It seems that a major issue is whether your life is yours to squander. Do you have a right to end it? Judeo-Christian principles say you cannot do this without jeopardizing your very soul. Other religious views seem to support this, albeit in different ways. The Metaphysical view seems to be that if you take your life you will have …

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Communication Loop and Words of Love

There is something in Communication skills called a feedback loop. Paying attention to how statements about yourself are handled by the other person gives you a good clue as to whether that person’s focus is really about wanting to know more about you or just tell you more about themselves and hook you deeper into their needs. When you are …

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The Astrology Of Creativity

What’s the astrological signature of creativity? Easy, look at the 5th house, right? Well, not exactly. Since I don’t have a strong 5th house in my own chart, I’ve always balked at looking exclusively there for creative concerns. This has led me to explore other areas of the chart for the vein of creativity. And it’s there. First of all, …

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Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology

A look at horary astrology, a branch of astrology perfected by William Lilly and how this compares with natal astrology. Nowadays, astrologers might focus more on the drives, motivations and psychological impulses signified by the planets. But how did the late medieval astrologers proceed when this was long before all these psychological terms were available? Without doubt the combination of …

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Electional Astrology

The chief work of most professional astrologers is – and always has been – personal counseling. How counseling is handled has changed a bit over the past 100 years, of course, because of the growth and development of psychology. But basically, the kind of advice people were asking of the astrologer of Imperial Rome, is the same kind of advice …

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In and Out of One’s Element

The late Richard Idemon gave the following method for creating a “rough draft” by which to extract the minimum, essential information from the chart. It is an accounting or point system. Simply stated, each planet is assigned one point, except the sun, moon and ascendant ruler; each of these is assigned two points for a total of thirteen points. Cancer …

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The Transformational Sixth House

Coming as it does between the 5th and 7th houses, the Leonine roar and the Libran charm, the 6th house often seems a bit lost in some astrological texts. Employment, daily routine, health, diet, and pets are among the most common rulerships assigned to the 6th house. Dane Rudhyar, though, writes that the 6th house “shows, more than any other …

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Men growing older

Why Men Grow Up at 30 and Go Mad at 40

Why Men Grow Up at 30 Okay, so what’s the Saturn return (which hits men around age 30) all about? To begin with, this planet, Saturn, says: ‘Grow up, get serious, get real, get a life.’ Its return can hit men hard if they are mucking around with hydroponic dope plants in the ceiling, ignoring letters from the council or …

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