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Quincunx or Inconjunct? Clearing up a Common Misnomer

common confusing thing “is an inconjunct the same as a quincunx?” and “what about the semi-sextile, is it an inconjunct …

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Depth analysis of Astrological Aspects

The student next to me seemed about to burst with enthusiasm. He was having a “eureka!” experience. Waving his hand …

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The Opposition Compared with the Square

The opposition is like the square in that its effects are stressful and often problematic, however, unlike the square, the …

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The Sextile

The sextile occurs when two planets are approximately 60 degrees from each other from the vantage point of the earth and …

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The Conjunction

The conjunction occurs when two or more planets are on the same degree on the ecliptic, that is, when planets …

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Aspect Patterns

Sometimes groups of black aspect lines or red aspect lines form patterns in the center of a birth chart. These …

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The Trine

The trine aspect is a smooth, easy, supportive and “friendly” angle of about 120°, give or take 10°. Trines are …

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The Opposition

The opposition is a dissociative, very tense angle of about 180°, give or take 10°. Oppositions are 180 degrees apart …

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The Square

The square is an intensive, very irritated angle of about 90°, give or take 10°. Squares are generally considered to …

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