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Biography of Jim Lewis, Astrologer

Jim Lewis’s obituary by Robert Currey Reprinted from the Astrological Journal [May/June 1995] At Washington D.C. in 1992, to the …

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Famous People Who Have Consulted Astrologers

Some Famous People Who Have Consulted Astrologers

Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” said, “The man who is ignorant of the science of astrology deserves the name of …

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Reconcile A Skeptical Attitude With A Belief In Astrology

How Do I Reconcile A Skeptical Attitude With A Belief In Astrology?

For once, I can almost adequately sum up the answer in a few words–I don’t. I don’t really reconcile my …

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psychological projection

Projection and Interpretation

It is almost certain that when we try to explain anything about another person, we tend to project our own …

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Effective Consultations: Leaving The Astrology In Your Head

In the classic Lerner and Loewes play, Brigadoon, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas are two American hikers exploring the Scottish …

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A Chironic View of Astrological Counseling

As astrologers we are privileged to behold some of the many turns of the cosmic kalidescope which horoscopes represent. Each …

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Written Astrology Readings

Written Astrology Readings

Typed astrology readings. As an astrologer, you don’t rely on instant feedback from your clients whether you are on the …

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preparing for consultation

How To Prepare For Each Potential Client

Preparation is everything. That’s how one gets to Carnegie Hall. Preparation is a process needed for success; it’s why people …

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false prophets

False Prophets?

On November 5, 1996 the US electorate went to the polls to elect their new President. No doubt, the psychics …

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Astrology Reading

Elements Involved in a Good Astrological Reading

What constitutes a good astrological reading?¬†What elements are involved? To be able to read effectively for others, one must first …

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When Bad Readings Happen to Good Astrologers

Despite your best efforts, sincerity, and careful preparation, some astrology readings suck anyway. It’s true. There are days when your …

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Advice To Astrologers About Keeping Secrets

This article is quoted from The New York Times. If you’re considering a career as an astrologer or intuitive counselor/healer, …

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Famous Astrologers

LIZ GREENE, Ph.D. A Jungian analyst and astrologer practicing in London, teaching at her school, The Centre For Transpersonal Astrology, …

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30 Tips For The Professional Astrologer

1. Charge a fair fee for your services- for yourself & your clients 2. If consulting by phone you should …

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A Prediction Routine

Hi all who are interested in this, Ok, go get a cup of coffee, and let’s go through this. A …

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suggestion in astrology

Astrological Suggestions ~ Intimidation or Encouragement ? ~

The person who seeks advice from an astrologer comes with a certain readiness to believe the horoscope. This predisposition leads …

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Astrology and Privacy

I am opposed to writing about the private lives of living authors and psychoanalyzing them while they are alive. Criticism …

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The Astrologer’s Planet

Uranus is traditionally the astrological planet … At the same time prominent astrologers have not always had this planet pronouncedly …

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Astrology Addicts ~ Life in the Astrological Jungle ~

There is an astrological jungle of signs, dwads, planets, houses, aspects, asteroids, angles, midpoints, transits, progressions, return charts, fixed stars, …

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On Astrologer’s Ethics

The stars may be more concerned with the ought of human life than we suspect. The cosmos may be more …

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