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Astrology Addicts ~ Life in the Astrological Jungle ~

There is an astrological jungle of signs, dwads, planets, houses, aspects, asteroids, angles, midpoints, transits, progressions, return charts, fixed stars, Arabic parts, antiscions and whatever – all kinds of systems forming a veritable jungle of technicalities. Thus it’s very easy to lose yourself into that jungle, it seems to happen all the time: New eager students coming into astrology, enthusiastic …

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On Astrologer’s Ethics

The stars may be more concerned with the ought of human life than we suspect. The cosmos may be more moral than mechanical. – Dennis Elwell   You are always and everywhere in a moral conflict unless you are blissfully unconscious, wrote Carl G. Jung. Without ethical and moral sensitivity an astrologer might just be creating new ethical problems for …

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Astrologer’s Pitfalls

Many think that they are expressing a truth about the person studied, when in fact they express a truth about themselves. – Helena Anhava, Finnish aphorist According to a Finnish astrologer, Heikki Heimola, astrologers may become so engrossed in their interesting subject that their neighbors are no longer neighbors, they are just astrological types, Arians, Cancers, Scorpions; and because of …

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List of Well-known Astrologers

If you were introduced to astrology just recently, you may be aware of the names and reputations of the following astrologers but not know exactly when they were around. This list should give you a better idea of what time period that fall into. This document can also be helpful in determining when some of the astrological texts must have …

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Isn’t An Astrological Consultation Directly Related To The Vagueness Of Personality Description And Prediction?

In other words, isn’t astrology merely a matter of the “Barnum Effect?” An honest and worthy astrologer will admit that exact precision and specificity is outside the jurisdiction of astrology. However, lapsing into all-purpose interpretations that could appeal to any complex individual is not of benefit to anyone. Moreover, one-size fits all astrology panders into the psychological need of wanting …

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Choosing A Written Astrological Interpretation Wisely

In recent years, written astrological interpretations have proliferated dramatically on the Internet and elsewhere. The nature and quality of these written interpretations vary tremendously from one interpretation to another. Many times, such interpretations are prepared using computers. In some such instances, a computer is used to produce a partial product, and then a person revises that output, turns it into …

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Are Astrologers Born Or Made?

Well now that’s a good question! My first instinct was to answer that astrologers are most definitely made rather than born, as astrology is a skill which can be learned like any other. But, looking into it further, there are certain planetary aspects and positions which seem to be shared by many astrologers (although by no means all), which would …

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What Is An Astrological Consultation?

Have you ever considered consulting an astrologer? Do you fear that he or she would predict unpleasant things, or tell you things you wouldn’t want to know? No, that is not what astrology is about. Astrology is not limiting, it is does not deny your freewill, or tell you if you will win the lottery. Astrology does not work through …

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Ten Rules For Astrologers

Everything modifies everything else. Nothing is as good or as bad as you think it will be. Forecast conservatively-it’s better than looking like a complete fool when you’re half wrong. Study love, money and health issues. If you become a professional, 99 percent of your clients will want information on them. If you stay an amateur, it’s probably what you …

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How To Prepare For An Astrological Consultation

A good dialogue between the client and the astrologer can change the future for the client (for either participant actually) by changing his or her perception of the current situation. – Sue Tompkins, Astrological Journal, January 2000 Because a dialogue between you and your astrologer may change your future, you should be prepared for your astrological consultation. There is a …

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How To Choose An Astrologer

Choose your specialist and you choose your disease. – The Westminster Gazette, May 18, 1906 As in any profession, there are many kinds of practitioners in astrology, some are more qualified than others, some may even be incompetents. In choosing an astrologer you should use at least the same care you would use in choosing any other professional. Common sense …

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