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The Dead Sea Scrolls In Astrology

It might be thought that astrology and astrologers could have nothing to say about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Whatever could the stars hope to reveal about them? Yet suitably enough, seeing that the Essenes who produced the remarkable literary legacy preserved during two millenia themselves studied astrology, the stars can shed an unexpected light on this subject. They particularly do …

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Why Is Christianity Opposed To Astrology?

“Astrology is the work of the devil” is the rallying cry for many Christians that denounce all things metaphysical, however this is often a testament of ignorance of the history of astrology and the Church. Not only did astrology have an illustrious career in the high court of the Vatican, but many prominent Christian theologians saw the important relationship between …

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The Jesus Papyrus And More About The Magi Part 2

Marco Polo may have been right Roberts had two starting points: obviously Matthew and then the mysterious clues given by Marco Polo. This world wanderer tells of a tomb of the Magi at Sava (modern Saveh) in Persia; and in at any rate one of the editions of his work he claims to have had this information from those at …

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The Jesus Papyrus And More About The Magi

A title like this rather obviously belongs to the probings and research of Pluto in Sagittarius, the religion sign. The feature itself has been prompted by the publication of two successful books I am reviewing here because of their intrinsic significance and because they link to claims and theories I have been discussing in recent articles. The Jesus Papyrus The …

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