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Did You Inherit Your Birth Chart?

Our families are one of the biggest influences on our life, whether we’re from peaceful homes or troubled ones, adopted, …

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The Importance of an Accurate Birth Time (and How to Get It)

What time were you born? Your mother says, “In the afternoon.” Grandma remembers your father calling form the hospital “just …

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Birth Chart Rectification

Birth time Rectification Rectification is the art of taking an approximate time of birth, and through the use of astrology, …

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On Birthtime & Synchronicity

The time-honored rule is to accept the moment at which a child utters its first cry as the moment for …

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Do We Choose Our Own Birth Time?

I am not referring to reincarnation or any other metaphysical theory but rather to two separate, but perhaps related, ideas. …

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How to Find Exact Latitude and Longitude for a Hospital

Did you ever want to find the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of the precise birthplace of an individual in …

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Getting Started On Your Birth Chart

The first pieces of information a computer program needs to create your birth chart are your date, time, and place …

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How Can A Birth Chart Help You And Your Child

Benefits for parents The two main benefits of a baby birth chart for parents are: personalized directions for how best …

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What If You Don’t Know The Birth Time

A person’s birth date and birthplace allow astrologers to identify a specific configuration of the planets in the sky when …

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How Accurate Is A Birth Chart

I’ll make this explanation of birth chart accuracy brief, with little or no jargon. You’d be bored reading a long …

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How A Computer Calculates Your Birth Chart

Chart calculation involves time and space. There are three kinds of time: Greenwich Mean Time, sidereal (star) time, and local …

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