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Sun Moon Qualities

How does the modality of your Moon sign and Sun sign compare? For a beginning student of astrology, the introduction of the moon by sign and house and the realization of its immense importance as a reflector of the Sun is probably the first and most important step in astrology. Certainly, in the horoscope of some people, the Moon carries …

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Shakespeare and Astrology

Shakespeare, Astrology, and Alchemy: A Critical and Historical Perspective As we move into the 21st Century, the plays of William Shakespeare continue to undergo rediscovery and transformation. In the past, much has been written about universal themes in Shakespeare’s plays, but what has received far less attention is the universal language of astrology–and its Renaissance complement, alchemy–that Shakespeare used to support …

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Written Astrology Readings

Written Astrology Readings

Typed astrology readings. As an astrologer, you don’t rely on instant feedback from your clients whether you are on the right path, and you aren’t distracted by a client’s anxiety or distracted energy. You can totally rely on your knowledge and intuition. Astrologers — regardless of whether they do in-person, phone, typed or recorded readings — need to have that …

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preparing for consultation

How To Prepare For Each Potential Client

Preparation is everything. That’s how one gets to Carnegie Hall. Preparation is a process needed for success; it’s why people study a subject; it’s the foundation of what we do well in life. Once we have made all those preparations that have brought us to the point of someone getting in contact with us to either inquire or contract for …

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false prophets

False Prophets?

On November 5, 1996 the US electorate went to the polls to elect their new President. No doubt, the psychics were gazing into their crystal balls and the astrologers were assessing their astrological charts to find out who was going to win. It was a two horse race and it would have been a fairly safe bet to predict that …

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Drive: A Scorpionic-kind-of-movie

Drive, the recent movie which came out starring Ryan Gosling, is dripping with astrological symbolism, albeit inadvertently. Throughout the movie, he wears a gold bomber jacket with a gigantic Scorpio emblem on the back (somehow he still affords to be sexy). At first, I thought the director (Hossein Amini) might be dialed into the transformative power of the corresponding Zodiac …

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beauty poster

Venus-Pluto “Dangerous Beauty”

Ever wonder what would happen if Venus, the goddess of love and sex, set up shop in one of the most Catholic cities in Medieval Europe? Although Dangerous Beauty (titled A Destiny of her Own outside of the U.S.), is not literally about the Roman goddess of love and lust, her influence weaves itself throughout this film. Based upon the …

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The Fixed Signs

The Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Fixed Signs Manage, Encourage and Persevere The four mutable signs of the zodiac are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Fixed signs of the zodiac always follow cardinal signs, who initiate action. Fixed signs have a desire to stop the momentum and ground energy. This means that while cardinal signs will often be interested in starting something, fixed signs are interested …

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Astrology and The Twelve Hungers

There are twelve basic hungers, desires, or needs in astrology -one for every planet, sign, house, or aspect of the zodiac. 1. Aries/Mars/1st House/Conjunction: – our hunger / desire/or need for Identity / Selfhood / Activity / Drive / Initiation Many of us are still struggling to know ourselves and need to realize that this takes time, experience, and awareness. …

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career astrology

Career Significators In Astrology

Astrologers traditionally look to the tenth house in a chart for indications of the career path an individual will take. The sign on the tenth house cusp, as well as its ruler, planets contained in the tenth, and the aspects to all of these, are taken in consideration. This can all seem quite complicated, and it is. Add to this …

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The Sextile

Book Reviews – Understanding Aspects: The Inconjunct and The Sextile By Alan Epstein

I am a student, and began a search for any information available regarding YOD configurations for a research project. I found only limited information and it would seem to me that the Yod has not warranted in-depth study, perhaps because it is a nebulous figure in itself or because it is considered a minor aspect. This was very frustrating as …

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Jungian Archetypes - Jung, Gödel, and the History of Archetypes

Book Review Jungian Archetypes – Jung, Gödel, and the History of Archetypes

A book can make definitive statements or it can provoke thought. Robin Robertson‘s book Jungian Archetypes – ‘Jung Gödel and the History of Archetypes’ does both. His overview of the development of philosophy, science, mathematics and psychology and their juxtapositioning shows interesting parallels in collective thought. Robertson delves into the ancient world, eastern and western traditions, selecting leading thinkers of …

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Does Astrology Conflict With My Free Will?

THE ONLY WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE IS TO HAVE THE POWER TO SHAPE THE FUTURE –Eric Hoffer, American writer and philosopher We live our lives at the intersection of fate and free will. If we assume that our life is fate-driven then we live at the mercy of our environment . . . a life of resignation, devoid of …

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How Astrology and Shamanism Blend into Astroshamanism

Many people are drawn to astrology as a means to self-understanding. Astroshamanism combines a direct and personal experience with astrological insights. Astroshamanism is a spiritual system which blends astrology and shamanism. Its emphasis is on the practical or experiential side of astrology, which is experienced through emotions, movements, feelings, dances, visualizations rather than through analytical and intellectual interpretation. Astroshamanism is …

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prosperity astrology

Using Astrology to Become Prosperous

Ten Steps to Prosperity is based on the idea that the amount of money in the bank – or investment or pension fund – is not the whole story. Financial health is probably better defined in terms of our attitude towards the money we have rather than the absolute amount of money. And just as a company may have invisible …

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Afraid Astrology

Afraid of Astrology?

If I’m under great stress, I can’t look at a chart. It doesn’t feel comfortable if you are going through a difficult time. – Komilla Sutton The nervous and fearful should leave Astrology strictly alone, said Charles E. O. Carter. Yet, that is not likely to happen, on the contrary, astrology seems to have a lot of attractive power for …

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Lost Flowers – the Deflowering of Persephone

The vi’lets from her lap, and lillies fall: She misses ’em, poor heart! and makes new moan; Her lillies, ah! are lost, her vi’lets gone. (Ovid)[i] A shower of broken petals falls from the sky as the once untouched Persephone cries out in grief that something tangible has slipped through her hands. I find this image arresting, a moment in …

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1243996 Sunrays

The 12 Laws of the Universe

If you’ve been alive on Planet Earth for the last 10 years, you’ve surely heard about The Secret phenomenon, the Law of Attraction, and the plethora of on-going discussions about how (and from some people, if) this concept of “attracting” really works. It’s certainly been a dinner party conversation-starter and created a frenzy of LOA experts on Twitter. But did …

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Who Invented Astrology?

Did the Greeks Invent Astrology? Since the 1980s there has been an increase in interest in the history of astrology with the resulting revival of the translation of ancient astrological texts into modern languages (Holden 1996: 209). This academic curiosity seems to have given rise to a debate concerning the origins of western astrology and of the civilization that fathered …

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Astrology Dream Interpretation

An Astrological Approach to Dream Interpretation

When I first began recording my dreams and trying to interpret them – many years ago – I thought they were so absurd and strange and seemed to follow no apparent rules, that I often despaired of ever finding any meaning in them at all. Occasionally I would give up, but the dreams would inevitably call me back. At the …

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