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Review The Next Step Complete Horoscope Interpretation by Maritha Pottenger

For many astrology students and budding professionals, the hardest step is moving from “bits and pieces” astrology to making sense of the whole chart. Although “cookbooks” in the field are a great place to begin (breaking down each interpretation as planet in sign, or planet in house, or planet in aspect), at some point, we all have to learn to …

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Esoteric Astrology

Like life, astrology has many paths. Each path is an interpretation of the knowledge of the stars, which is a tool that is available for better understanding ourselves. Esoteric astrology is one of those paths. From the beginning of existence, humankind has sought to know more than the mundane world provides. We have always reached to the stars for those …

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astrology and cars

Astrology and Your Car

Over the years a number of people have asked advice regarding their automobiles. As a neophyte astrologer, I was told that the moment you drove the vehicle off the lot was the correct timing for the car’s chart. Processing the paperwork was a separate issue, but when you drive it away is when it becomes yours. Some years back we had …

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Astrology Suicide Indicators

Suicide Indicators From The Natal Chart

It is more than 20 years now since the time I started studying Astrology. The reason for this study at that time was to disprove the subject but it did not take long for me to understand that my thought regarding it was incorrect. Astrology does have the power to offer the interpretation of a person’s character accurately by the …

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The Astrology of Idealism- Dreaming On the Ground

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead “Idealism marks the place where grief is so very often felt.” – Noel Tyl Daniel has turned 56 now, living in a cramped house in a small city in southern Ontario. Day-old donuts sit …

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family trees

Did You Inherit Your Birth Chart?

Our families are one of the biggest influences on our life, whether we’re from peaceful homes or troubled ones, adopted, interfaith, close, split, together, or anything else. And so our families, for better or for worse, are part of us, and show up in our birth charts in different ways. Some aspects in a chart describe how you saw your …

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Astrological Profile within the workplace

Where once astrology in the corporate world was dismissed as “hocus pocus” today’s businessmen are much more tuned in to the effective use of astrology as a tool to evaluate employee’s aptitudes and strengths. In the process of recruitment an assessment of the individual is made, for example: psychometric testing is used extensively for selecting the ideal candidate. The astrologer …

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Moon’s Nodes

The Lunar Nodes – An Introduction The Lunar Nodes are the point in our chart that show a journey towards our aspiration (North Node) balanced with our innate strengths and habitual responses (South Node) The North Node pulls us towards a different way of doing things, whereas the South Node is our modus operandi and being aware of how this …

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Traditional Astrologer

What is “Traditional” Astrology?

In seventeenth century England, astrology flourished. Most people who become interested in astrology come across the name William Lilly at some point in their studies and Lilly was probably the greatest of the seventeenth century astrologers. However, to achieve this greatness required a supporting cast and there were many others who filled this role. Although they never matched Lilly’s reputation as …

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Astrology and Addiction

Have you ever wondered what the natal chart reveals with regard to potential for addiction? Addiction has many faces: substances: drugs, alcohol, food; processes: spending, gambling, sex, relationships. Let’s look at where we can find the propensity to get lost in self-medicating mirrored in our natal blue prints? How can astrology help us in understanding the process of addiction and …

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The Importance of an Accurate Birth Time (and How to Get It)

What time were you born? Your mother says, “In the afternoon.” Grandma remembers your father calling form the hospital “just after lunch.” “Two o’clock p.m.” is written with a flourish in the baby book. So, what time were you born and does it really matter? If you want to have an astrological reading, it does. An accurate astrological chart can …

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Lower And Higher Octave Planets

There are three sets of octaval planets within the arena of astrology: Mercury/Uranus, Venus/Neptune, Mars/Pluto. Each inner, personal planet (Mercury, Venus and Mars) is a lower, subjectional vibration and resonance of its correlating higher, collective cousin. This would of course imply a transmission association by and between the higher and lower octaval planet much in the same way where in …

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Review Solar Arcs – By Noel Tyl

Noel Tyl has written another wonderful teaching book. It’s also very interesting, especially the parts that are autobiographical. Noel uses his own well-timed chart to show hallmarks in his life, and moments of decision making. He urges the writer to use their own chart in a similar manner. Not only can you learn a great deal about an interesting technique, …

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The Astrological Significance Of Death

It seems that a major issue is whether your life is yours to squander. Do you have a right to end it? Judeo-Christian principles say you cannot do this without jeopardizing your very soul. Other religious views seem to support this, albeit in different ways. The Metaphysical view seems to be that if you take your life you will have …

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Review The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology

Despite the unfortunate title, a knock-off of the “Dummy” genre, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology is actually a pretty good over-all “beginner’s guide” to astrology. Written in straightforward language, and a sometimes humorous, tongue-in-cheek style, the guide covers all the basics from house and planetary placements to aspects and relationship comparisons. Some purists may not like the fact that …

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Almugea or Proper Face

The Astrological Tradition comprises an extremely rich system with which to evaluate the condition of a planet in a chart. These conditions are usually classified into essential and accidental dignities. Essential dignities relate to the quality of a planet, deriving from its position in a specific degree of a sign, whereas accidental dignities relate to the planet’s placement by house …

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Besieged And Aided Planet

Besiegement and aid are composite conditions of the planets in an astrological chart. They are both related to specific patterns of applying and separating aspects of a given planet. Besiegement, the better known of the two, occurs when a planet is in aspect between two malefics. It is one of the traditional accidental debilities, often mentioned in the ancient astrological …

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Birth Chart Rectification

Birth time Rectification Rectification is the art of taking an approximate time of birth, and through the use of astrology, refining it to the precise instant of birth. It is one of the most specialized areas of astrology, not to be taken lightly, that requires insight, experience, awareness and much care. Most birth times are not recorded accurately. There are …

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On Birthtime & Synchronicity

The time-honored rule is to accept the moment at which a child utters its first cry as the moment for which the horoscope of that child should be calculated. The theory is briefly that, with the first breath, the child, as a psychic entity, establishes a magnetic contact with his physical environmental and sets into motion the rhythmic mechanism of …

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Thoughts About the Nature of Astrology

Astrology can be described as a study of the process of unfolding of potential in our worldly experience, using the rhythms of the solar system we inhabit as a reference device. It is clear that we experience life as rhythmic. We breath in and out, enjoy the cycles of the seasons, live through the rhythm of the aging process, etc. …

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