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lilith astrology

Lilith In Astrology

The Meaning Of The Black Moon Lilith In Astrology Lilith is one of the dark goddesses, like Isis, Persephone, Hecate, …

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Retrograde Planets

A retrograde planet appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. Even though we know that planets cannot stop, turn …

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Juno astrology meaning


Juno- The Goddess of Soul Mates, Marriage, Love and More Most people think of Venus as the Goddess of Love. Yes, …

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What Does Chiron Mean in Astrology


Chiron was discovered in 1977 by Charles Kowal. It is a large comet, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Astrologically …

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Planetary Patterns

As well as the Aspects and Angles made between the planets, the overall pattern of where each planet falls in …

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Moon’s Nodes

The Lunar Nodes – An Introduction The Lunar Nodes are the point in our chart that show a journey towards …

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Lower And Higher Octave Planets

There are three sets of octaval planets within the arena of astrology: Mercury/Uranus, Venus/Neptune, Mars/Pluto. Each inner, personal planet (Mercury, …

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Almugea or Proper Face

The Astrological Tradition comprises an extremely rich system with which to evaluate the condition of a planet in a chart. …

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Besieged And Aided Planet

Besiegement and aid are composite conditions of the planets in an astrological chart. They are both related to specific patterns …

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Dignities, Exaltations, Falls & Detriments

Today we are looking at the planets in our natal charts and examining how these planets may be considered to …

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Ascendant, Sun and Moon

The Sun, Moon and Rising Sign – The Three Sides of “You” The Ascendant in a Natal Chart Finding out …

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Unaspected Planets

A question arose recently concerning the meaning of unaspected planets. From the point of view of psychological astrology, an unaspected …

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Pluto is the “modern” ruler of Scorpio, and many of its concepts and key words are synonymous with those used …

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planet neptune


In order to become conscious on all levels of being, we have to go through a period of unconsciousness. To …

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Uranus takes 84 years to traverse the zodiac and therefore has more of an influence on a generational scale than …

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Alison Chester-Lambert - Astrology Reading Cards Your Personal Journey in the Stars


Saturn is the planet furthest away from the sun and earth and still visible to the eye. It symbolizes the …

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Jupiter represents the divine, benevolent father. He is like the “Pillar of Mercy” in the Kabbala. In India, he is …

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AN ANGRY MAN OPENS HIS MOUTH AND SHUTS HIS EYES -Chinese Fortune Cookie Proverb Mars‘s energy represents the basic drive …

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Taurus is Venus‘ first sign. The planet figures prominently in the religious mythologies of the Old World and the New …

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Hermes - Mercury


Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods. He is never further than 28° from the Sun, and is to be …

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