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The Singleton Planets

Depth analysis of the Natal Chart: Inferior Functions (Pt 2)

In the last article (Inferior Functions – Pt. 1) we looked at the Singleton planet, using examples of Moon Singletons for one type of Inferior Function. Let’s now look at the second type of Inferior Function. The Absent Function The Absent Function happens when there are no planets in an element, modality or orientation. When there are no planets in …

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Depth analysis of the Natal Chart: Inferior Functions (Pt 1)

The great beauty of astrology is the enormous insight it can give by keeping to the simplicity of just pIanets, signs, houses, and aspects. Look at both what is there and what is not there in the natal chart, for what is not there is equally as powerful an influence as what is. So: how do we begin to determine …

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The Outer Planets As Singletons

When we come to the outer planets as singletons, we find what Richard Idemon used to call the “true bizarros and weirdoes.” Also, among those with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto singletons we find highly creative people; many are geniuses in their fields along the line of their outer planet singleton. It is as though they have become direct pipelines from …

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Conjunctions As Singletons

The conjunction is perhaps the most difficult aspect to interpret. The two planets involved are harnessed together. One does not function without the other. The energies of the planets may be complementary, like Sun and Jupiter or Mercury and Uranus, or very disparate, like Moon and Uranus or Sun and Neptune. As you can see the Sun/Jupiter and Mercury/Uranus conjunctions …

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Pluto As Singleton

If any planetary energy represents an unconscious, instinctive, primordial, collective and transpersonal force, it is Pluto. Much has been written about Pluto, probably because all that the planet symbolizes is so little understood or comprehended on the conscious, intellectual level. Liz Greene devoted a book, The Astrology of Fate to it. Jeffrey Wolf Green has dedicated much of his career …

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Neptune As Singleton

In recent years when astronomers finally got an up-close look at the planet Neptune, they saw a “fuzzy blue” globe, and they were not at all sure just what they were looking at. For astrologers, Neptune represents an equally mysterious energy. Whether it is a “fuzzy blue” sphere or rose colored glasses, Neptune seems to represent all that is not …

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Uranus As Singleton

We often find Uranus as a singleton in the charts of highly charismatic personalities. As we go through the examples of famous people, we see a kind of “brightness” or “radiance” about Uranians. There is a quality about them that makes others “sit up and take notice.” Along with charisma is a trickster quality. These people tend to do and …

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planet saturn

Saturn As Singleton

Saturn is the God of Time, Chronos, and Lord of Karma Saturn, along with Jupiter, governs our lives and responses, reactions and adjustments within the larger society, within our culture. Together they rule and co-rule the last four signs, the Universal or transpersonal signs, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Jupiter allows us freedom to expand and rise within Saturn’s culturally …

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Jupiter As Singleton

Jupiter is King of the Gods and the Father in Heaven, a sky god. On a psychological level he is the dispenser of law and giver of gifts and of grace. The longing for a Heavenly Father and the need to experience some guiding spiritual principle at work in our lives is the Jupiter principle. There is a restless longing …

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Mars As Singleton

Mars is the archetype of the War God, and from Christmas until Valentine’s Day he was transiting his own co-ruled sign, Scorpio. For many days during that period, transiting Mars was a singleton, usually as the only Water sign planet, often as the only Social sign planet. Only when the Moon was in Water or Social sign would Mars not …

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Venus As Singleton

Venus is the second of the Preceptor planets, along with Mercury. We saw that Mercury correlates with the nervous system in general and the left hemisphere of the brain, the linear, logical half, in particular. Venus correlates with the right hemisphere, corresponding to the ability to perceive relationships among objects. Interesting neurological research has just revealed “that the ability to …

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Mercury As Singleton

Mercury and Venus together are the “Perceptors.” Mercury correlates with the thinking, logical, communicative process, which includes the synapses, or nerve connections, in the brain and spinal column. It represents the discrimination function and the ability to discern. In medical astrology, Mercury rules the nerves and the nervous system. Both Mercury and Venus are involved in the total process of …

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The Moon As Singleton

The creativity associated with an Inferior Function does not flow easily and naturally as it does when it arises from the Dominant Function. It manifests in sometimes painful, strained, and embarrassing ways. There is a quality of strife and urgency associated with the expression of the Inferior Function, although it can be a source of great creativity. Singletons (and the …

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Sun As Singleton

Before continuing on with the Sun Singleton, it is important to mention that in cases where the ruler of the Ascendant, or the Mid Heaven (MC), in cases of public figures, is a singleton, then that planet becomes even more significant. The person’s personal identity, individual “persona,” or public image if it is the MC ruler, is so firmly anchored …

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