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The Singleton Planets

Depth analysis of the Natal Chart: Inferior Functions (Pt 2)

In the last article (Inferior Functions – Pt. 1) we looked at the Singleton planet, using examples of Moon Singletons …

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Depth analysis of the Natal Chart: Inferior Functions (Pt 1)

The great beauty of astrology is the enormous insight it can give by keeping to the simplicity of just pIanets, …

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The Outer Planets As Singletons

When we come to the outer planets as singletons, we find what Richard Idemon used to call the “true bizarros …

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Conjunctions As Singletons

The conjunction is perhaps the most difficult aspect to interpret. The two planets involved are harnessed together. One does not …

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Pluto As Singleton

If any planetary energy represents an unconscious, instinctive, primordial, collective and transpersonal force, it is Pluto. Much has been written …

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Neptune As Singleton

In recent years when astronomers finally got an up-close look at the planet Neptune, they saw a “fuzzy blue” globe, …

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Uranus As Singleton

We often find Uranus as a singleton in the charts of highly charismatic personalities. As we go through the examples …

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planet saturn

Saturn As Singleton

Saturn is the God of Time, Chronos, and Lord of Karma Saturn, along with Jupiter, governs our lives and responses, …

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Jupiter As Singleton

Jupiter is King of the Gods and the Father in Heaven, a sky god. On a psychological level he is …

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Mars As Singleton

Mars is the archetype of the War God, and from Christmas until Valentine’s Day he was transiting his own co-ruled …

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Venus As Singleton

Venus is the second of the Preceptor planets, along with Mercury. We saw that Mercury correlates with the nervous system …

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Mercury As Singleton

Mercury and Venus together are the “Perceptors.” Mercury correlates with the thinking, logical, communicative process, which includes the synapses, or …

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The Moon As Singleton

The creativity associated with an Inferior Function does not flow easily and naturally as it does when it arises from …

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Sun As Singleton

Before continuing on with the Sun Singleton, it is important to mention that in cases where the ruler of the …

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