Astrology and Horoscopes

What Is Astrology?

Astrology In Today’s World

Astrology is a paradox in today’s world. Being neither science or religion, it is the proverbial square peg in the round hole. Walk into any corporate board room and describe a system that can accurately forecast personal and business cycles, determine the best time for just about anything, and help you understand your teenagers, and all the white shirts and …

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Life Choises

Life Choises And Astrology

That we face many choices in this life, is inevitable. There are choices that face us every waking moment, from the type of cereal we eat to the profession we follow or person we marry. How many times has the most simple step to the right or left – for example catching a later bus – resulted in a major …

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The Ethics Of Astrology

Is there a code of ethics for the astrologer? Of course. In fact, there are several. Do you have to follow any of them? No. But if you don’t follow some sort of ethical code, you will self-destruct, or your practice will. The first rule for the astrologer who offers professional services is privacy: What the client tells you in …

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Astrology And Computers: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Computer technology has progressed at a phenomenal rate, growing in complexity and operability since its inception during the 1960s. No longer a means to solely store business data, computers have developed into personal tools that give us the ability to simplify difficult tasks and easily access and disseminate information in a matter of minutes. With the introduction of affordable and …

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Chronology Of History And Astrology: 1700 To 2000 ce

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The History of Astrology

Since the dawn of man he has strived to make sense out of nature and the mystery of our existence. It wasn’t long before man turned to star gazing in search for answers. Some studies by scholars place the beginning of Astrology as far back as 50,000 years. It is believed that Cro-Magnon Shamans noticed the recurring patterns of the …

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