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The Signs Of The Zodiac And Karmic Astrology

Pisces In Karmic Astrology

Pisces To find the balance between a complex, interdependent world and a quiet mystical reality. Striving to live up to …

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Aquarius In Karmic Astrology

Aquarius To use the resources of groups and societies to enhance individual expression, opportunities, and happiness. You’re aiming for win-win …

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Capricorn In Karmic Astrology

Capricorn To take a significant part in running the show; and showing others how it is done There are models, …

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Sagittarius In Karmic Astrology

Sagittarius To be an advocate and promulgator of nobility, righteousness and a higher law and order Doors may fortuitously open …

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Scorpio In Karmic Astrology

Scorpio To get to the core or source of self, things and others; and to aid others to realize the …

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Libra In Karmic Astrology

Libra To contribute balance, justice, equality and beauty to your world Those abstract and aesthetic ideals need to be integrated …

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Virgo In Karmic Astrology

Virgo To be recognized as a competent specialist and as an aid to others Just as an oyster creates a …

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Leo In Karmic Astrology

Leo To be recognized as a creative, unique individual Like a diamond in the rough, cut and polish your natural …

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Cancer In Karmic Astrology

Cancer To have a comfortable home and to enjoy “family” bonds These goals require effort, not wishful thinking and certainly …

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Gemini In Karmic Astrology

To be accepted and appreciated as a fine thinker and communicator One can talk a lot and have nothing to …

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Taurus In Karmic Astrology

To enjoy life while utilizing your resources and attaining security Look at the long haul. A sustained, constant effort in …

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Aries In Karmic Astrology

Aries and Past Life Lessons Individuals who are born under the sign of the ram find the lessons being learned …

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