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The Signs Of The Zodiac And Karmic Astrology

Pisces In Karmic Astrology

Pisces To find the balance between a complex, interdependent world and a quiet mystical reality. Striving to live up to standards, it is important to note where the standards come from. Recognize that there are an endless number of people, well intentioned or not, who are very willing to advise you on how to run your life (me included). You …

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Aquarius In Karmic Astrology

Aquarius To use the resources of groups and societies to enhance individual expression, opportunities, and happiness. You’re aiming for win-win solutions. There is the Mind, there is the Group Mind, and there is the Divine Mind; what should be the chain of command? You’re attuned to the gift of self-determination; don’t forget the First Cause. Remember, a paradigm, like a …

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Capricorn In Karmic Astrology

Capricorn To take a significant part in running the show; and showing others how it is done There are models, examples, mentors, schemes, plans and organizational charts to study when you want to know the bigger picture. Although your worldly perspective will focus upon temporal success, your mission is to make the Divine Order viable in an imperfect world. You …

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Sagittarius In Karmic Astrology

Sagittarius To be an advocate and promulgator of nobility, righteousness and a higher law and order Doors may fortuitously open for you, but you might not gain by entering! There will be ample opportunities to sell out, to become complacent and to promote some special interest status quo. Practice what you preach. God’s Law is also God’s yoke (Yoga): are …

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Scorpio In Karmic Astrology

Scorpio To get to the core or source of self, things and others; and to aid others to realize the same Hidden agendas will filter the perspective and mar the results. Analysis must be coupled with inspired Wisdom and objectivity. One must first be invited to work on others, otherwise it is called manipulation and meddling. Very like a democratic …

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Libra In Karmic Astrology

Libra To contribute balance, justice, equality and beauty to your world Those abstract and aesthetic ideals need to be integrated and lived. You ask for fairness. Are you always fair and balanced? Justice begins at home. Living in the world, you are balancing harsh reality and injustice on one had and the Ideal on the other. Start with becoming Just …

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Virgo In Karmic Astrology

Virgo To be recognized as a competent specialist and as an aid to others Just as an oyster creates a pearl, those nagging doubts will motivate you to improve. You are already special. There is much to do in your own backyard, however, so don’t worry what your neighbor is doing. A constructive mind is a gift; like a sharp …

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Leo In Karmic Astrology

Leo To be recognized as a creative, unique individual Like a diamond in the rough, cut and polish your natural gifts. Remember that while you are fine-tuning your skills that there are many other stars in the sky. Each soul is significant, a bright light in its own right. And how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! …

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Cancer In Karmic Astrology

Cancer To have a comfortable home and to enjoy “family” bonds These goals require effort, not wishful thinking and certainly not lamenting and complaining. Study the Home–physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is built upon foundations, a brick at a time. It is in need of maintenance and periodic repair. A Home is more than the sum of its parts. …

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Gemini In Karmic Astrology

To be accepted and appreciated as a fine thinker and communicator One can talk a lot and have nothing to say. Are you taking in and passing on information indiscriminantly? What’s the purpose? Avoid superficialities and delve deeper into the subjects that are meaningful to you. The mind is a muscle. Use it and it will grow strong–cause and effect. …

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Taurus In Karmic Astrology

To enjoy life while utilizing your resources and attaining security Look at the long haul. A sustained, constant effort in the accumulation of capital or assets on one hand can be augmented or fortified by the knowledge and experience to remain self-sufficient and rewarded (materially and otherwise) for one’s talents and contributions. Take responsibility for what you have…and what you …

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Aries In Karmic Astrology

Aries and Past Life Lessons Individuals who are born under the sign of the ram find the lessons being learned in this lifetime to revolve around finding and asserting themselves. The challenges set forth for this warrior will be to make a distinctions between being assertive and being aggressive. Past Life Experiences of the Warrior Lessons Aries must learn are …

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