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The Leo Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Leo is the fifth phase of the seven year cycle and it’s archetype is The Lion. The Lion symbolizes regal dignity, authority, the demand for acknowledgment, self centeredness. This phase is a struggle with your self expression in relationship with others. It is a struggle with a sense of disacknowledgement or the needing of acknowledgment, or more so, the willingness …

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The Cancer Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Cancer is the fourth phase of the seven year cycle and it’s archetype is The Crab. The Crab symbolizes restlessness, defensiveness, insecurity in being able to establish a secure ‘home’ situation. The struggle in the Cancer Phase is to attain a sense of emotional stability, security, and nurturance; to acquire a sense of “home” in the environment in which you …

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The Gemini Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Gemini is the third phase of a new seven-year cycle and its archetype is The Twins. The Twins symbolize changeable perceptions and a mercurial disposition. During the previous phase there was a reorientation in your life based upon a new or truer sense of what was truly valuable and self valuing. In the Gemini Phase you must now struggle with …

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The Taurus Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

The Taurus Phase is symbolized by The Bull. The Bull symbolizes groundedness and the struggle with territory and challenges to selfhood. The Taurus Phase is the phase in which you must struggle with a fundamental sense of your worth or “worthiness” as an individual, your value as a person, or your sense of your self as deserving of respect and …

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The Aries Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Aries is the first phase of a new seven-year cycle and its archetype is The Ram. The Ram symbolizes impetuous or unconsidered action. Aries represents a new beginning. The phase begins a new seven year cycle and brings about a fundamental re-purposing of your life. Toward the beginning of the phase you may be involved in some pivotal event, an …

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The “Great Freedom” within the Predictability

The need for a proof for the assertions I have made for the “predictability” of Turning Points is obvious. I could simply refer to my own and others observations over the years as to the validity of the 7 year lifecycle with it’s 7 month phases and Turning Points. Yet using my own or the observations of others would hold …

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The Seven Day Week: A Chronobiological Perspective

To the present day, our time is structured in a fundamental way by the seven day week. Is the seven day week simply arbitrary? It is certainly ancient, having already been established in early Mesopotamia around 3000BC or earlier, and pervasive around the world in many different cultures with distinct historical development. It is my contention that the 7 day …

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Musical Math: 7 and 12 in Ancient Science and Cosmology

In his book The Myth of Invariance Ernest McClain uses a musical analysis of the imagery in Indias oldest sacred text, the Rig Veda. Mr. McClain shows clearly the very ancient origin and mutual dependence “of science, of our calendar, of musical theory, and of our civilization.” From the earliest origins of science in prehistory, the relationships between number and …

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The Universal Pattern and It’s Correlation to Musical Harmony

For some 25 years I have observed the accuracy of this pattern. For me, the question of why it works has been a burning one. My search for an answer has carried me in a lot of different directions. One of the most fruitful has been in seeing the analogy between the “rules” of this pattern and mathematical rules governing …

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The Structure Of Turning Points

Turning Points vary in the intensity of the crises or reorientation that may occur. They also vary in the length of time they are active. If you examine a Turning Point period closely you will notice a series of graph spikes with three day periods of elevated intensity followed by several days of greatly reduced intensity. There are also a …

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The Four Turning Points Of A Phase And The Forecasting Graph

We have all experienced significant Turning Points in our lives, when our orientation changed irrevocably, when ‘things would never be the same again’. In the section above we were introduced to the idea that there is a universal pattern of growth and change that exists for every human being, and that this pattern consists of a 7 year cycle of …

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The 12 Phases Of The Seven Year Cycle

Beginning at birth you go through 7 month phases of growth and change throughout your life. After 12 such phases, you have completed a 7 year cycle and you will start over again. Each of these twelve phases have a describable character or theme. I have found these themes to be related to the 12 character types of the Astrological …

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The Age Of Aquarius

What does it actually mean that astrologically this is the Age of Aquarius and are there any signs in the world that this Age has already begun? When will it dawn, and what can we expect? Most people are familiar with the term New Age and many will recognise the words of the song ‘This is the dawning of the …

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