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The Moon Cycle

“As we look deeply within, we understand our perfect balance. There is no fear of the cycle of birth, life and death. For when you stand in the present moment, you are timeless.” – Rodney Yee If there’s one thing you should understand about astrology it is this: astrology is the study of cycles. The earliest humans observed and noted …

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The Mercury Cycle

The first of the planets in the solar system in order from the sun is the planet Mercury and this planet is the closest to the Sun. This planet moves fast and only takes approximate 88 days to orbit the Sun. It is estimated that the distance Mercury is orbiting from the Sun is around 57.9 million km. It is …

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The Venus Cycle

How The Cycles Of The Planet Venus Influences People How can the cycles of the planet Venus influences people here on earth? All the planets in our solar system travel in orbit around the sun and some travels faster than others. Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun and takes approximate 224.7 days to orbit the Sun. It …

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The Mars Cycle

The Cycle Of The Dynamic Planet Mars The cycle of planet Mars orbits around the Sun takes 687 Earth days, which is equal to 1.88 Earth years. And according to mythology the ancient civilizations looked to the planet as if they were gods of the heavens. And Mars was the god of war and aggression he was a warrior and …

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The Astrology of Mid-Life Crisis

A flashy red sports car, trendy new clothes and a 25 year old girlfriend – a boob job, a few weeks at a fat farm and fantasies that the cutie pie at a local construction site is going to whisk you off to Hawaii for a romantic holiday. Ah yes, all the old standard themes and dreams of reclaiming our …

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Your Annual Success Cycles

Astrologers are called “cycles analysts” today. There are many cycles that suggest timing for easiest success in your life endeavors. Two systems are introduced below, one based on dividing the year into 7 equal parts, one based on dividing the year into 12 parts. Once your cycles are calculated, both systems will apply each year throughout your lifetime. Advanced students …

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The Pluto Cycle

The “Ship Hits the Sand” cycle is brought to you by the planet from the dark side: Pluto. Like it or not — BAD THINGS HAPPEN. No matter how many times you take vitamins, turn off the iron, buckle your seatbelts or recycle, things run amuck and you can end up losing everything, except your soul. Oh no, Pluto will …

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The Neptune Cycle

The “Rose Colored Glasses” cycle sneaks up courtesy of that ethereal ball of gas: Neptune. Neptune is the master of smoke and mirrors. It’s the mirage in the desert and king of delusion, self-deception and oh yes, vision, faith, and spirituality. Remember in Star Wars when Darth Vader cut down Obiwan and only clothing fell to the floor? When Neptune …

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The Uranus Cycle

The cycle of planet Uranus as it orbits around the Sun takes 84.3 Earth years. In astrology it is considered the planet of surprises and unpredictability. The Sun appears to be white but the light from the Sun does in fact send out a whole range of colors like red, blue, green and yellow. When the Sunlight come in contact …

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The Saturn Cycle

The Cycle Of Saturn Saturn is the planet of responsibility and discipline and when you are under its influence it often means you have to work hard at what ever situation you are in. A full cycle of Saturn orbiting around the Sun takes 29.4 earth years. In these 29.4 years there is four smaller cycles of 7 years where …

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The Jupiter Cycle

The Cycle Of Jupiter, The Lucky Planet The cycle of Jupiter in a horoscope takes approximately 12 years to complete a full circle. Jupiter is the largest planet in the universe and has something like 63 Moon. According to the experts, Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun takes 11.86 years because of the distance from the Sun it is further away …

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Using the Planetary Cycles to Time Business Activities

The universe tells us when we should take a time-out and when we should take action. Void of course Moon One clear sign that we should not take action is during a void of course moon. This is when the moon has made its last major aspect to the other planets until it moves into the next sign. In this …

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The Pluto – Uranus Cycle – Transformation And Awakening

The Eastern Aphorism, “May you live in Interesting Times,” is most appropriate for the Pluto-Uranus combination. When the highly chaotic disturbance of Uranus is intensified by Pluto, you can be sure that cultures are rocked to their foundations, often going through an intense period of transformation and reorganization. A most interesting pattern develops when reviewing the conjunctions and oppositions of …

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