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The Universal Pattern


  1) Young, Arthur M., The Reflexive Universe: Evolution of Consciousness, Robert Briggs Associates, 1976 2) The Holy Bible, National …

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The “Great Freedom” within the Predictability

The need for a proof for the assertions I have made for the “predictability” of Turning Points is obvious. I …

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The Seven Day Week: A Chronobiological Perspective

To the present day, our time is structured in a fundamental way by the seven day week. Is the seven …

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Musical Math: 7 and 12 in Ancient Science and Cosmology

In his book The Myth of Invariance Ernest McClain uses a musical analysis of the imagery in Indias oldest sacred …

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The Universal Pattern and It’s Correlation to Musical Harmony

For some 25 years I have observed the accuracy of this pattern. For me, the question of why it works …

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The Structure Of Turning Points

Turning Points vary in the intensity of the crises or reorientation that may occur. They also vary in the length …

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The Four Turning Points Of A Phase And The Forecasting Graph

We have all experienced significant Turning Points in our lives, when our orientation changed irrevocably, when ‘things would never be …

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The 12 Phases Of The Seven Year Cycle

Beginning at birth you go through 7 month phases of growth and change throughout your life. After 12 such phases, …

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