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Sun Flower Essences

Sun Sun is the powerhouse of our identity, the male, active, Yang principle within our central self. The Sun generates …

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The adrenal glands

Stressed Venus/Libra in the Health Profile – A Focus on the Adrenals

Sometimes an unexplainable phenomenon presents a statistically unexpected emphasis on a particular type of client during a relatively short time …

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Weight Loss and Astrology, Part III – Passion and Intensity

Let’s look at passion and intensity in our charts. Every life needs passion and intensity. If you don’t get it, …

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Weight Loss and Astrology, Part II – Sport and Exercise

When it comes to weight loss, we have several factors to consider. We’ve already looked at our relationship to food. …

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Weight Loss and Astrology, Part I – Your attitudes towards food

There are many things to consider when we look at astrology and weight loss. Arbitrarily, I am going to start …

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At The Heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated more than 5,000 years ago and has been in continuous use and development during this …

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The Astrology Of Food Disorders And Allergies

Here’s a real case study: My 2 1/2 years old daughter. She has an unusual food disorder. Since a baby, …

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Medical Astrology And Cancer

Normally I do not discern male from female gender concerning medical astrology. Cancer, however, has to be dealt with specifically. …

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