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Weight Loss and Astrology

Weight Loss and Astrology, Part III – Passion and Intensity

Let’s look at passion and intensity in our charts. Every life needs passion and intensity. If you don’t get it, you’re likely to try and substitute something. A common substitution is food. Astrologically, this makes great sense. Passion and intensity in a chart are represented by Scorpio, the planet Pluto, and the 8th house. Food is represented by Taurus, the …

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Weight Loss and Astrology, Part II – Sport and Exercise

When it comes to weight loss, we have several factors to consider. We’ve already looked at our relationship to food. I also want to examine our attitudes towards exercise. Remember, you’ll need your birthchart in front of you as you read this, and, if you need additional information on understanding the “astrologese,” please refer to the links below which give …

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Weight Loss and Astrology, Part I – Your attitudes towards food

There are many things to consider when we look at astrology and weight loss. Arbitrarily, I am going to start with our attitudes towards food. Remember, have your chart handy and refer back to the links below for additional information if you need help in understanding the astrology comments. Food is represented by the 2nd house of our horoscope. This …

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