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mars taurus

Mars In Taurus 2019: Cultivate & Embrace Beauty

Mars In Taurus 14 February – 31 March, 2019 All the crazy Mars energy is finally stabilizing, and the discord and tension will begin to subside. We’re all being invited to slow down, ground and find a more sensual approach. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, and this is perfect timing for honoring Earth Day. Our energies will naturally be drawn …

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new moon aries

New Moon in Aries 2018: Initiating New Initiatives

Aries is the sign of beginnings — it illuminates the best ways for us to start new projects. This is the sign that’s constantly being born, living to the fullest and leading parades. It may not be so great with the follow-through, but damn, Aries — the very first sign of the zodiac — is the absolute best at being …

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mercury aries

Mercury Transit In Aries 2018: Get to the Point Quickly

Mercury Transit In Aries: March 6 – Apr 15, 2018 “The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.” — Dante Alighieri Now that the communication planet, Mercury, is finally coming out of the murky and dreamy waters of Pisces on March 6, our mental facilities are about to kick into high gear. Enough with the silent treatments, the poetic …

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sun pisces

Sun Transit Pisces 2018: Dream Time

The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Pisces at February 20, 2018 and leaves it on March 20, 2018. “Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesnt suck.” — Joss Whedon Our need for escapism and serious soul time takes precedence now. Theres also a strong urge to merge. Boundaries get blurred, and fantasy and reality become interchangeable for …

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mercury pisces

Mercury Transit In Pisces 2018: Poetry in Motion

Mercury Transit In Pisces:  18 February – March 6, 2018 Pisces is a Water sign, and although it’s as nebulous as the sea and foggier than the foggiest day in San Francisco, it possesses some of the deepest truths of your soul’s journey. Pisces may not be so keen on details and facts, but it’s filled with wisdom about every past …

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venus pisces

Venus Transit In Pisces 2018: Get Creative

Venus In Pisces February 10 through March 6, 2018 Venus in Pisces inspires a fluid, driven energy that highlights the beauty of experience rather than the push to achieve. This cycle is all about being playful and enjoying the good things in life. Luxury doesn’t matter as much as quality time with the people you adore. Express your affections through thoughtful …

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venus aquarius

Venus Transit In Aquarius 2018: The Friendship of Romance

Venus Transit In Aquarius:  January 18 – February 10, 2018 We tend to put romance and friendship in different mental boxes, as much as we like to claim that our significant other is also our best friend. There’s nothing better for the health of a long-term partnership than a strong grounding in friendship (first). Yet, no matter how well we …

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Mars In Scorpio

Mars In Scorpio 2017 – Spice Up Your Love Life

Mars enters in one of his favorite signs, Scorpio, on December 9, 2017 and remaining there until January 26, 2018, making this fall season one of the best times all year to improve your level of satisfaction in life and love. Mars in Scorpio represents emotional desire manifested in the world at large. You’ll know deeply what it is you …

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venus scorpio

Venus Transit Scorpio 2017: Obsessive Relationships

Venus Transit Scorpio 2017: November 7 – December 1, 2017 Venus in Scorpio combination can trigger obsessive, controlling behavior in relationships. We must remember now that the more we try to posses another, the less likely we are of experiencing any kind of real connection. The scorpion isn’t the kindest creature on the planet and when threatened, it will aim to …

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mercury libra

Mercury Transit Libra 2017: Express Your Opinions Tactfully

Mercury Transit Libra: September 30 – October 17, 2017 This three-week cycle highlights the value of teamwork and encourages professional compromise. A collaborative approach helps you win friends and influence people, so focus on how your ideas could create success for yourself and your colleagues. Etiquette and appropriateness count more than you may realize, so if in doubt about a work matter …

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What Does The Fall Equinox Mean For Each Sign?

The seasons change when the Sun enters one of the cardinal signs: Aries (March), Cancer (June), Libra (September 22, 2017) and Capricorn (December). The first degree of each cardinal sign is called the Aries Point, and is considered extremely powerful and dynamic, as it literally helps shift the universe’s energy in an entirely new direction. You, too, can take advantage …

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Uranus in Aries

Uranus Retrograde in Aries 2017: Control Your Impulses

In astrology the planet Uranus is a symbol for “the awakener,” “the maverick,” and “the trickster.” Even the actual planet itself rotates vertically instead of horizontally, adding to its eccentric reputation. The function of Uranus in astrology is to shake things up, redefine structures, and rebel against the status quo. Now that it’s turned retrograde it’s time for us to …

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Pluto Retrograde 2017

Pluto Retrograde 2017- Look Deep Within Yourself

  Pluto In Astrology Pluto was discovered by Percival Lowell in 1930. At the time Pluto was in Gemini, the sign related to communication. During the 1930s mass communication systems such as radio and television were in their early stages. Pluto was in Cancer (sign related with home and family) during those years when there was mass obsession with home …

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jupiter in scorpio

Jupiter In Scorpio 2017-2018

The King of the Gods Jupiter, is about to enter the sign of Scorpio on October 10 2017, and it’s staying there till November 9, 2018! It would be quite handy for you to understand which house in your chart is it falling in so you can use the energy wisely. This article helps you understand the energy of Jupiter in …

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chiron in pisces

Chiron In Pisces (2011-2018)

It is no accident that the glyph symbolising Chiron resembles a key-the key to the unconscious. Chiron operates behind the scenes influencing us individually and generationally at a very deep level. Chiron was the first Centaur planet to be discovered back in 1977 and has an eliptical orbit between Saturn and Neptune, sometimes acting as an Inner planet or an …

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neptune in pisces

Neptune in Pisces, 2011-2025

How Neptune Transit in Pisces (5th April 2011-11th March 2025) will affect you! On 5 April 2011, outer planet Neptune enters Pisces for the first time since 1848. The world was experiencing the American Civil War; the birth of Evolution through Darwinism; the discovery of antibiotics and the development of hypnosis, clairvoyance and psychology. Neptune has a 14 year stay …

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jupiter in virgo 2015-2016

What Jupiter in Virgo Means For You 2015-2016

The King of the Gods Jupiter, is about to enter the sign of Virgo on August 12, 2015, and it’s staying there till September 9, 2016! To make sense of this event, let’s first consider the pieces separately before integration. Jupiter Jupiter is the planet of philosophy, meaning and faith. More intuitive than rational, it challenges us to make sense of …

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pluto in capricorn transit

Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) By Sun Signs – What To Expect Under This Transit

Transiting Pluto In Capricorn Transiting Pluto can stay in one zodiacal sign anywhere from 12 to 20 years. It can take 248 years to travel through the entire zodiac. It is considered a major transit. Pluto officially entered the sign of Capricorn November 27, 2008 and will be in Capricorn until November 20, 2024, at which time it will officially …

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Saturn Transit In Sagittarius 2015-2017 Through The Houses

Saturn Transit 2014 through Sagittarius has already taken place on 2nd November 2014… What changes are you expecting in your professional as well as personal life in 2015 with this Major Transit? Check Now! Astrologer Jean Avery describes Saturn as Mother Nature’s Playpen. I like this definition. Although children are placed inside a playpen or a crib for their own protection, it …

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north node libra

Transiting North Node To Libra 2014-2015 – It’s not just about you

The transiting north node entered Libra at 18th February of 2014 where it will remain into November 2015. The north node orients us to the future where a universe of opportunity awaits us. The south node represents a compelling story-line that may not be as helpful as it appears. Solar eclipses throughout this time period emphasize the importance of the …

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