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pluto fear

Plutonian Fears

Of the world as it exists, one cannot be enough afraid. – Theodor W. Adorno (Pluto in the tenth house) Pluto is connected with power, from collective and political power to occult and psychic powers. As a power planet Pluto can be truly intimidating at times, often so overwhelming that under Pluto transits we feel totally helpless, just like Neptunians …

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8th house door

The Eighth House – The House Of Trauma, a Door to the New Country

In the Birth Chart, the eighth house  is the house of trauma. Its primary characteristic is in the experience of situations that we deal with only by calling on our deepest reserves of strength to produce growth. It is associated with some of our most fundamental physical functions and our most sublime spiritual ones and can truly be called the …

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Subpersonalities and Planets

We can use astrology and psychosynthesis as tools, not only for personal growth but also for the growth of humanity. Let us clarify what we mean by ‘growth‘ . When we come into this world we function largely unconsciously and do things by instinct. In the same way as a bird might instinctively know about migration within weeks of it …

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venus gemini heart pages

Venus In Gemini (Poetry)

Love in a bookstore. What could be more enticing? So many books, so many words. Ideas flitting off the pages, out of book jackets, over shelves like clouds of yellow butterflies born away by the wind. How many can I catch? I want to collect them all. I move through the aisles with a quick step, wings upon my feet. …

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The Astrological Pluto and Its Role in Feminine Development

Hades [Pluto] is the God presiding over our descents, investing the darkness in our lives, our depressions, our anxieties, our emotional upheavals and our grief with the power to illumination and renewal.(Arianna Stassinopoulos, The Gods of Greece taken from Jean Shinoda Bolen’s Gods in Every Man pg 98) Contents I. Introduction II. The Homeric Hymn to Demeter III. The Triple …

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List Of The Major Greek Gods

The tales associated with Greek Gods are the cornerstones of classical literature and beliefs. The summaries that I offer below are taken from a number of different sources, which includes Homer, Hesiod, Sophocles and Aeschylus. It seems that myths and motifs were added and removed from the gods’ repertoire of characteristics as their stories moved through time. Most likely characteristics …

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The origins of the Greek Gods

According to Hesiod’s Theogony, chaos is the realm from which all that is manifest was born. The first of all creation was Gaia, the earth mother, and Eros, the archetype for Love and the impulse that creates. Chaos produced Night and Erebos (the underworld), which is the realm through which the dead must pass. Night and Erebus produced Day and …

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Dictionary Of Astrological Keywords

Dictionary of Keywords & Significators in alphabetical order.   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W     A Ability to regenerate resources Pluto Accidents Mars Achievements 10th House Acquaintances 11th House Actions 1st House Adaptability Mercury Adaptability 3rd House Administration Sun Adventure Mars Adventure Jupiter & 9th …

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Keywords for The Signs of the Zodiac

ARIES. Cardinal, Fire, Positive.  1st Sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mars.  Main Keyword: Assertive(ly).  Behaviour Pos. Active, adventurous, courageous, energetic, enthusiastic, enterprising, forceful, go-getter, shows initiative, Neg. Aggressive, bullying, foolhardy, impulsive, selfish, Mentality Pos. Frank, quick thinking, strong willed, Neg. Angry, argues, crude, tactless, Emotions Pos. Passionate, highly sexed. Neg. Bad tempered, insensitive, <Top>  TAURUS . Fixed, Earth, Negative. …

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Keywords for the Astrological Houses

     1 2 3 4 5  6  7 8  9  10  11 12      1st House. Ruled by the Sign of Aries and the planet Mars Main Significators Significators Personality Appearance, Actions, Mannerisms, Attitude Opinions, Outlook, Temperament, Health Constitution, Physical condition, <Top> 2nd House   Ruled by the Sign of Taurus and the planet Venus Main Significators Significators …

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Keywords for the Planets

SUN  Rules: Leo / 5th House. Principle of: BEING  Main Significator: SELF EXPRESSION   Significators Behaviour Confidence, Dignity, Personal power, Pride, Self esteem Mental — Emotional Affection, Love Activities Creativity, Entertainment, Gambling, Hobbies, Pleasure, Romance, Speculation, Sports, Vacations Abilities Administration, Executive ability, Fatherhood, Leadership, Managing & organising Status Fame, Glory, Honours, Importance, Prestige, Position in life, Prominence, Success People Artistic, Children, Father, Healers, Romantic associations, Social contacts, Theatrical Events Childhood, General Success Places Social functions, …

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Sun Sextile Pluto

Specific Sun Sextile Pluto Themes In contrast with the abrupt intensity of the dynamic aspects, Sun Sextile Pluto offers you a chance to work with relationships but in a most creative, and non-threatening way. It is almost the best of both worlds. You have the energy to change things, and the ability do to so. Sun sextile Pluto symbolizes the occurrence of …

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Sun Trine Pluto

Specific Sun Trine Pluto Themes As in the case of the Sun/Pluto sextile aspect, Sun Trine Pluto aspect can indicate a wonderful one for dealing with relationships, and the rewards of your efforts. However, as it can be the case in Trine aspects, things can feel so good that less growth is accomplished, or less energy is surmounted to achieve of what …

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Sun Square Pluto

Specific Sun Square Pluto Themes Sun Square Pluto aspect, as most Sun/Pluto aspects, seems to deal with overt power struggles. However, it seems that the square carries much association with the father (figure). In some cases, the Plutonic force is one of (intense) “dislike” of the father, in an almost inexplicable way. The literature assures that this aspect is more problematic in the …

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Sun Opposition Pluto

Specific Sun Opposition Pluto Themes Sun Opposition Pluto aspect is not an easy one. Be it in the natal chart or in transit, the deep (even karmic) desires of one with such aspect to dominate others in his/her relationships becomes accentuated by how unreasonable such desires really are. In fact, these desires usually surface and become clear demands. That can create enormous …

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Sun Conjunct Pluto

Specific Sun-Pluto Conjunction Themes Sun Conjunct Pluto aspect is a powerful one. Since the prevailing thematic material of Pluto is death and re-birth, when in contact with the Sun, and in particular in the conjunct aspect, you may become the actual agent to which the re-generative cycle initiates. In fact, you may also be the agent of change on lives that are close …

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Pluto Power To Change

Pointing Pluto In The Right Direction

Power. What does this word mean to you? Maybe it means possession of control, authority or holding sway over others… physical might… mental or moral potency… political control or influences… all are valid definitions. My preferred interpretation of power is simply the ability to act or produce an effect. Pluto is considered the most powerful planet in astrological symbolism, and …

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Neptune in Relationships- Idealization and Merging

If you long for a relationship with someone who accepts you without questions asked, who loves you no matter what, who forgives everything and never bears grudges, choose a Neptunian. True Neptunians see their loved ones and friends- and sometimes everything- through their proverbial rose-colored glasses. They see the best in you. Many Neptunians are well aware of their rose-colored …

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Neptune- The Beauty of Spiritual Development

Neptune teaches us compassion, empathy and the highest form of love, Agape. A true Neptunian feels connected with all that is, because Neptune always gives some kind of ability to see a reflection of the Divine in everything. Full of compassion and fellow-feeling Neptunians usually have a need to help their suffering brothers. They are kind and caring, have a …

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The Sun- Male or Female

The Sun- Male or Female?

According to all astrologers (or all that I have read) the Sun represents “the masculine principle”. Jeff Mayo calls it ‘spirit, mind, the living being’; Ebertin describes it as the will to live, the urge to rule, decisiveness. In a chart it represents the subject’s basic drives, and the sign it is in shows the nature of them. All this …

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