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Pluto Overpowering the Moon? Thwarted Instincts

Thomas Hobbes (a grand trine involving the Moon) claims that “every man by natural necessity desires that which is good for him…” But this rule may not hold in all cases. With a severely afflicted Moon instincts can be either contaminated with strange contents or, in severest cases, thwarted or blocked out. With, for instance, a Moon-Pluto conjunction or opposition …

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Celebrities with Moon-Pluto Aspects

Once a month in its orbit, the Moon conjoins Pluto. Cartoons depicting a small, innocent child naively walking through a dark, foreboding Underworld capture this meeting of the Moon and Pluto. To understand this phenomenon better, we can look at those born with Pluto-Moon aspects in their natal charts, for these are the individuals that must contend with this landscape …

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Pluto- Control vs. Empowerment

Pluto- A Malefic Planet? Pluto is considered to be malefic. It holds this reputation for a reason. It is the planet to which we attribute great power and intensity. Whatever Pluto stands for, it is not small or insignificant. Its presence represents a long lasting powerful intensity. Pluto is retrograde close to half of every year. This can be felt …

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Moon-Pluto Wisdom- Happiness is Forgetting

– Angela Basset (Moon conjunct Pluto) For Kierkegaard (Moon in Cancer) living in memories was the perfect life, because memories nourish us more than any reality. According to Kierkegaard in memories we find safety we can’t find in real life. But for many of us it is just the opposite: the memories are the hardest thing in our lives… I …

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A Glimpse Of Neptune

The qualities of Neptune The planet Neptune which was discovered in 1846 by German astronomer Johann Galle has many faces. In this article I shall uncover a small part of what this gigantic blue-green planet has to offer. Neptune is associated with dreams, spirituality, fantasy, intuition. Neptune enables us to be in touch with our feelings. The energy of this …

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The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Pluto- A Light When All Other Lights Go Out

There is a big difference between someone who has Pluto in his/her chart and someone who lives ‘close’ to Pluto. If Pluto is aspecting the chart ruler, or is very actively aspected to or close on the angles, that person will experience Pluto on a much deeper/sub-conscious/personal level. Likewise if one or both of the Luminaries are configured with Pluto …

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George Moore

Moon Pluto Astrology- Family Hell

  In astrology Moon conjunct or opposite Pluto (or sometimes quincunx Pluto) can reflect deep emotional traumatization in early childhood, often because of a possessive and manipulative mother or some other female figure who controlled the whole family with an iron hand. Or if not the whole family, then at least the child having Moon-Pluto in her or his astrological …

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Critical Transits Which Affect Children

Introduction As astrologers we sometimes fail to appreciate that transits (and to a lesser extent progressions) begin to form or fade immediately in the days and weeks after birth. During this delicate time of life critical transits can occur. The outer triumvirate of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are in the zodiac signs of Capricorn, Pisces and Aries respectively. The three …

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A Better Use of Mercury

This article has been inspired by Barbara Watter’s early pages of her “Sex and the Outer Planets” book, in which she talks about the Mercurian invasions, particularly as an American lifestyle. The book is an extremely valuable read (it is mostly about sexuality, this Mercury part is a small early segment). This is my take on the subject, of course …

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Birthday Horoscope for January 1st

Astrological Profile for Those Born On January 1 Birth date: 1st January Colour: Orange Number: 1,10,100 Stone: Clear quartz – the magic wand of crystals what you wish for will be drawn to you. Flower: Red Hot Poker Pet: Adopt A Lion Best present: Funky Jeans , Motorbike Career: Magician, Model, Actor Key Features: Tenacious, Stubborn, Strong Willed Tarot Card: The Magician Weakensses: Intimidating, a …

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The Saturn Focus

Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, is the last and furthest away planet in our solar system which is visible without the aid of a telescope. Viewed through one, however, it is a very beautiful pale golden globe, halloed with striated rings. It looks like a guardian angel, not the harbinger of dread and doom it has, for some astrologers, symbolized for …

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The Nature of Crisis: An Interview to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, otherwise known as the outer planets, have been described as “Gods of Change” by an enlightened astrologer – how did they get this honor? The most obvious explanation is that when they activate a person’s chart by transit (or progression of any kind), more often than not great changes take place within that person’s psyche, which …

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Pluto Transits

The experience of dissolution cannot be our final resting place, for life is unceasing cycles of evolution; there is no final end point. The stillness of samadhi is just one moment on the wheel of time. For as the cyclic wheel continues to unfold, we eventually return to the moment where individual form emerges from the ocean of being, with …

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Neptune Transits

The activity of the outer planets is often said to be turbulent and disruptive. This is frequently apparent under the influence of Neptune, where an individual may be in the grip of addiction, denial or avoidance of reality, or in a state of unhealthy dependency. Ted, with Sun in his 5th house opposite Neptune in the 11th house, told me …

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Uranus Transits

The process of reflecting on the meaning of suffering and painful experiences becomes especially important when we contemplate the influence of the outer, trans-saturnian planets, which summon us to radical self-transformation. The process begins with Uranus, which represents our urge to rebel against cultural customs, to break free of convention, the past, to become agents of change. There are times …

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Dreamland By Cassiopeiaart D48ezia

What Is The Foundation Of Prediction In Astrology?

Arguably the most powerful and useful aspect of astrology is its ability to accurately reflect one’s current and future psychological and experiential states. One’s life is a journey. Whether one agrees with Shakespeare that this journey is “sound and fury signifying nothing,” more like a trip through Oz, or a spiritual pilgrimage might depend on your mindset and maturity (or …

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