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Celestial Hosts Of Aquarius

The Hosts of Aquarius The constellation Aquarius signifies a man (Sanskrit for mind) holding an urn pouring forth a liquid. This liquid is electricity streaming through the air and dropping into the questioning minds of man. The constellation Aquarius is host (home) to a type of archangel called the Sons of Man. The angels in Fra Angelico’s painting are the …

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Aquarius In Love

If you are an Aquarius you are a friendly and unconventional type, fascinated by everything and everyone. You easily make contact, but you remain superficial and are attached to your freedom. But, in spite of your unconventional behavior, as soon as you find someone who respects you, you enter deliberately into a relationship. This does not mean that you are …

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The Aquarius Parent

If your parent is an Aquarius, they are friendly to everybody. That is good, since all your friends like your parent. It can be embarrassing too, because they’ll talk to strangers wherever they go! Your parent has a very open mind. They probably are interested in the music you like, and might even borrow your trendy CDs! You can tell your …

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Meditation for Aquarius

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Make a list of your vulnerable points. Write down things that embarrass you about yourself — bad habits, addictions and parts of yourself you dislike. Meditate on each of these items. Visualize them as cracks in a wall, or windows in a fortress. See light coming in through these broken points. Ponder the thought that these …

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Aquarius Life Mission

As an Aquarian, you’re supposed to be unconventional and march to the tune of a different drummer! Share your vision with others to help improve the world – that’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – that you have valuable and unique contributions to make! Your Aquarian Affirmation Your Aquarian Affirmation is “I am totally free and alive.” Say your …

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Aquarius Health

How Aquarian Energy Affects our Bodies An important new way of viewing ourselves during January and February is to think of our bodies not only as tissues, bones and muscles but as interactive, circulating fields of electromagnetic energy. (I know that’s a new paradigm, but the reality is it’s true. We ARE fields of electromagnetic energy continually interacting, penetrating, refining …

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The Aquarius Bride Or Groom

Qualities You Bring to your Marriage: Honesty, loyalty, friendliness, intellectual stimulation, but also aloofness, stubbornness and a need for independence within the relationship. If you are an Aquarian Bride or Groom you are probably hoping that others will not want to help (or, in your words, ‘interfere’) with your plans too much. Your independent nature means that you are quite …

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The Aquarius Child

Astrology & the Child The Aquarian Child The Aquarian Child Independent thinkers, ahead of their time, visionary and often eccentric as they grow older, Aquarian children can be somewhat different than other children. They love the wind, storms, lightning, and anything that flies. They are intrigued with things very old (Saturn rulership) and things very new (Uranus rulership). A broken …

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Career Choises For Aquarius

You are a FIXED-AIR sign with a MENTAL, RELAXED, EXPRESSIVE temperament. In time, you are continuum oriented (bridging past, present and future), are intellectually motivated, a free-thinker with progressive, innovative, inventive ideas. You’re more interested in human concerns and information exchange than in data or physical things. Your great stamina and determined, persevering nature qualifies you for executive positions and …

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Becoming An Aquarius

The Sun is in the sign of AQUARIUS this month. Those of us who were born between January 20 and February 18th have a Sun Sign of Aquarius.. Our keyword is I REBEL IF YOU’RE AN AQUARIUS  SUN If you’re an Aquarius Sun, your mission in this lifetime is to be open to new ideas and experiences, and share your …

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