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Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Cartoon Character

Barney Rubble of The Flintstones is always trying to get rich quick with his buddy, Fred Flintstone. When he discovers that he can’t get rich quick, he immediately retreats to his house and his infinitely patient and understanding wife. Those born under the Sign of Cancer the Crab are the same, in that they love to dream — but when those …

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Cancer Decans

Cancer – Cancer June 21-July 1 – 1st Cancer Decan Ruler & Subruler: Moon-Moon The Moon is both the ruler and Subruler, and so the Cancer-Cancer tends to be very receptive and sensitive to other people. With the Moon in Cancer-Cancer they always seem to be constantly churning inside. When we examine the power the Moon posses we begin to understand …

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Celestial Hosts Of Cancer

Celestial Hosts of Cancer The cherubim are angelic beings from the constellation of Cancer. Their most important work is to protect sacred places. Co-working with Capricorn (home of the Archangels), the cherubim blend the energies of spirit and matter. Long ago, when our physical bodies were being constructed, each angelic realm from the twelve constellations stepped in and provided a …

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Lucky Gemstone For Cancer

Stones of Natural origin are called Gems. The Gems are produced from Minerals cut in a chosen shape. The Natural Gems have all the properties of its Mineral. Many disciplines like yoga believe that Natural Gems emit energetic and therapeutic vibrations that act on the people that wear them. Modern medicine discovered that each specific gem has a therapeutic virtue. …

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Cancer In Love

If you are a Cancer you have a gift for intimacy, caring and love. When you are in love, you neglect even the most striking flaws of your partner. You are loving, generous, sentimental and motherly. You need someone who shares your energy and willingness to investigate complex and emotional issues. As soon as you find that someone, you give …

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Cancer psychological profile

Cancer is involved with a dynamic which seeks a sense of emotional belonging in place and time. This is traditionally interpreted as an involvement with home and family, for it is in this context that most find completeness and security. For non-family oriented Cancers a vivid memory, a love of geography, or a few special relationships may take the place …

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The Cancer Parent

If one of your parents is a Cancer, they are very warm and friendly. They love to feed you and also your friends when they come over. They bake cookies, order pizzas, take you all out to McDonald’s. Your parent loves to be at home and you can usually count on them to be around when you need them. On the …

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Meditation for Cancer

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) The sign of Cancer represents the Divine Mother. Study goddesses and choose one you resonate with. Visualize yourself in her arms. Drink in the safety and peace you feel. Be aware of the nurturing presence that constantly enfolds you. When you feel comfortable, see your mother in her arms, and then your father. They are …

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Cancer Life Mission

As a Cancer, you’re supposed to be building a home and family, nurturing those you love, and taking care of them. Don’t be afraid to break thru your shell and let yourself get close to those you love, and those who love you! That’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – to let yourself create a true home for yourself. …

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Cancer Health

Cancer is the sign that nurtures the body that houses the spirit. The energies from the constellation of Cancer influence the breasts, chest, mammary glands, and stomach. The Moon, working directly with the sign of Cancer, influences and regulates all fluids. Like the tides of the oceans flowing in and out from shore, our body fluids also ebb and flow. …

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The Cancer Child

Astrology & the Child The constellation Cancer represents motherhood, nurturing, home, security, safety, and memory. Esoterically, Cancer signifies a sacred gate, surrounded by the cherubim, through which spirits must pass in order to incarnate on Earth. Prior to and during conception, and throughout pregnancy, cherubim from the constellation Cancer hover over the mother, father, and child-to-be, aiding in the creation …

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Career Choises For Cancer

You are a CARDINAL-WATER sign with an emotional, retentive, introspective personality. You are past-oriented, a marvelous collector, retaining memories, mementos and lessons from history and previous experiences. Your warmth, sensitivity, long-term commitment and need-to-be-needed, makes you especially responsive to the needs of others. You are a “take charge” person, protective, nurturing, loyal, sentimental, devoted, patriotic, traditional, ambitious and will take …

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