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Leo Zodiac

Leo Cartoon Character

Fred Bassett is likely one of the most loveable dogs in the history of the newspaper comic strip. He is much like the Leo person in that he is playful, honest, and has that perpetual spirit of self-sacrifice. Fred would do anything for his friends or family, and a person born under the Sign of the Lion is possessed of …

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Leo Decans

Leo – Leo July 23-August 1 – 1st Leo Decan Ruler & Subruler: Sun-Sun The Sun is both the ruler and Subruler, which makes the Leo-Leo doubly under its kindly disposed influence. Take every stereotype you’ve ever heard about a Leo and double it. With double Leo-Leo and double Sun they are a warm-blooded creature seven days a week, four …

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Celestial Hosts Of Leo

Celestial Hosts of Leo The Leo hierarchy is very special in terms of humanity’s creation and development. Called the “Lords of Flame” by esotericists, and Thrones in the Bible, these beings were the first angelic hierarchy to implant fiery seed atoms into newly formed humanity. These seed atoms were emanations of fiery light that would eventually grow to become our …

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Lucky Gemstone For Leo

Stones of Natural origin are called Gems. The Gems are produced from Minerals cut in a chosen shape. The Natural Gems have all the properties of its Mineral. Many disciplines like yoga believe that Natural Gems emit energetic and therapeutic vibrations that act on the people that wear them. Modern medicine discovered that each specific gem has a therapeutic virtue. …

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Leo In Love

Sexually open-minded, you are romantic, manipulative, loyal but in spite of your confident attitude, you desperately need love. As soon as you lose your heart to someone, you want that person in your life forever. You are the one pulling the strings, you can be meddlesome and controlling. You are so radiant and amiable that, in spite of your bad …

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Leo psychological profile

Leo is involved in a dynamic which seeks the radiant expression of self. Whether through painting, acting, courting a loved one, or raising a child, Leo yearns to find an arena in which the abundance of his spirit may join in the drama of life. Leo’s energy evolves out of the protected shell of the prior sign, Cancer, and is …

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The Leo Parent

If one of your parents is a Leo, they have big personality. They probably smile a lot, tell jokes and will play kid games with you and actually enjoy themselves! However, when they tell you to do something, they’re not joking around. A Leo demands obedience from you, so don’t bother arguing. It’s easier to just do what they want. Tell …

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Meditation for Leo

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22) Meditate until you radiate! Sit quietly and focus on what makes you joyous, excited and alive! Visualize yourself doing those activities and achieving those goals. Carry that feeling thought your day and begin tangible steps to accomplish your heart’s desire. It may also help you to sunbathe as you meditate. In the winter, use …

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Leo Life Mission

As a Leo, you’re supposed to be creative, risk-taking, and very, very self-expressive! Get out there and show the world what you can do! Don’t be afraid to think about yourself a little more often than you do – you are meant to learn confidence and build your ego in this lifetime! That’s what you’re learning – to let yourself …

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Leo Health

As the Sun focuses its lens on Leo (Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom), we seek vitality, strength, creativity, and movement. Humanity’s emphasis is on strengthening the heart (Leo), and purifying the blood and circulatory system (Sun). Leos are often considered the most dramatic of the signs, due to their e-motional behavior. But the real interpretation of Leo is motion, or energy directed and …

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The Leo Child

Astrology & the Child Leo Children Leo is the sign of the child and rules children in general. While most children are naturally exuberant, playful, creative, and loving, these traits are magnified in Leo children. Their creativity often manifests in an interest in the arts. They find beauty in self-expression and should be encouraged to follow through on their creative …

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Career Choises For Leo

You are a FIXED-FIRE sign with an EMOTIONAL, HIGH-STRUNG, EXPRESSIVE personality. You are future (goal) oriented, a creative leader, high-achiever and love to be the center of attention. You are affectionate, dramatic, self-confident, persevering and determined with high energy and the ability to motivate others by your example. With your pride, desire for recognition and high ambition to reach the …

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