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Libra Decans

Libra – Libra September 23-October 3 – 1st Libra Decan Ruler & Subruler: Venus-Venus Venus is both the ruler and Subruler, which intensify the Libra-Libra love for beauty, pleasure and luxury. There is simply no escaping the powerful double influence that this planet exerts on the Libra-Libra. Venus creates someone who will eternally beautify thought. The key for all the Libra-Libra …

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Celestial Hosts Of Libra

Libra’s Lords of Individuality As we have mentioned before, the twelve constellations are home to twelve great hierarchies of Beings, each of whom, helped in the creation and development of mankind. The Libra constellation is home to archangelic beings called The Lords of Individuality. In order to serve the great Plan of Creation and accelerate their own evolution, these Libra …

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Libra In Love

If you are a Libra you are attractive, flirty and one of the herd. You are a born partner, inhibited in public but deeply in love in private. You are romantic, charming, flirty and popular when you are single. But it is essential for your well-being to be part of a duo. And eventually you are glad to leave those …

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Libra psychological profile

Libra is involved with the dynamic of balance and cooperation. The first truly social sign, Libra is compelled to explore relationships in all their permutations, and to come to know himself through the “mirroring” process which occurs in significant partnerships. Libra is a new energy, like its opposite sign Aries, for it marks the beginning of the second, more social …

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The Libra Parent

If one of your parents is a Libra, they are happy and positive most of the time. They love to shop, so they probably buy you lots of toys, clothes and other gifts. They also love to eat sweets, like chocolate or ice cream! Your Libra parent goes out of their way to treat you and your siblings equally, and they …

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Meditation for Libra

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22) When you are trying to make a decision, look at the facts objectively. Don’t base choices on feelings and drama. One fool-proof technique is to make a pros and cons list. One piece of paper is divided into pros and cons if you take the action — use another sheet for the pros and …

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Libra Life Mission

Your Libra Affirmation Your Libra Affirmation is “I am balanced and peaceful and my love is my strength.” Say your Affirmation often, and learn to believe it! Your subconscious mind listens to what you’re telling yourself! If you tell yourself you’re alone and will never find love or peace, chances are your wishes will come true! Try instead to really …

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Libra Health

Astrology & Libra Health Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, completes half of the zodiac and points to the time of year when balance or rest is needed. During this month, though especially for Librans, all of humanity must have harmony and balance in their lives or illness can result. Sleep is the most important medicine for Libra. Without …

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The Libra Child

Astrology & the Child Libra and the Child Libra children are lovely. They are the beautiful sons and daughters of Venus — cheerful, friendly, creative, peacemakers. Image is important to them, so dress them in clothes they like. Yellow stimulates their intellect and indigo calms them. They will probably develop a distinct sense of fashion at an early age. Libra …

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Career Choises For Libra

You are a CARDINAL-AIR sign with a MENTAL, RELAXED, EXPRESSIVE personality. You are continuum oriented (bridging past, present and future), are extremely charming, considerate, out-going, attractive, friendly, tactful, well-mannered and refined. Truly a “people-person”, you are diplomatic, cooperative and desperately need approval, so you have an innate understanding of relationships, function well as a “front-person” and in partnerships. You are …

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libra month

Becoming A Libra

The Sun is in the sign of LIBRA this month. Those of us who were born between September 23rd and October 22nd have a Sun Sign of Libra. Our keyword is I BALANCE. If you’re a Libra Sun If you’re a Libra Sun, your mission in this lifetime is to find the peace and harmony you crave, especially with one …

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