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Find Out What He’s Thinking by Zodiac Sign

ARIES 1. “Threesome?” Well, that flickers through his mind every time he sees you and your attractive girlfriend chatting and laughing. You can’t blame him. He is the sign of the Ram after all … 2. “Should I refinance?” He’s got money on his mind and he’s wondering if he has the best deal going. Maybe it’s his car loan, …

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signature scent

Your Signature Scent by Zodiac Sign

Aries: “The One” by Dolce & Gabbana Independent, fierce and feisty –- you need a scent that declares that you’re in the room and are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Taurus: “Envy Me” by Gucci You should look for a scent that is flirty, feminine and yet earthy. Seek out a perfume that encompasses the simple complexity that …

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grief loss zodiac

Food Can Help Your Zodiac Sign Deal with Loss

I advocate food and flavors as therapy based on your zodiac sign. Here are some examples: Aries: cantaloupe Taurus: strawberries Gemini: grapes Cancer: pineapple Leo: mango Virgo: fruit salad Libra: oranges Scorpio: apple juice Sagittarius: pineapple juice Capricorn: lychees Aquarius: cottage cheese with blueberries Pisces: berries There is a reason why we may choose to withdraw into our private spaces …

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Victorious at Work: Do You Gloat?

Aries is competitive, so they’re likely to proclaim their victory loudly at first, but then they’ll move on. Taurus will be conflicted since they don’t like their achievements to go unnoticed, but are quite reserved at the same time. They’ll be pleased and resentful at the same time. Gemini will gloat and poke fun at those who did not believe …

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Marks On The Body Meaning In Astrology

Spiritual Marks On The Body Meaning In Astrology

I have experienced and not just once the fact that the pain of an unknown origin starts passing away without any serious effects in case the right answer is found to the question ‘why’/ ‘for what’. As soon as the spiritual reason is perceived, the development of some serious illness is prevented. The wounds then tend to heal up easier …

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Get the Most Bang for Your Buck by the Signs

Aries Sun Sign You tend to spend money recklessly, acting first and thinking later. Save receipts and return items you don’t absolutely need once the buying rush has worn off. Taurus Sun Sign You can be an excellent saver, but you do love the finer things in life. Allow yourself one indulgent experience a week, only in a smaller portion …

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Money Management: Budgeting by the Signs

Aries sign Channel energy into action. What you do directly affects your bottom line. Responsiveness — when paying bills, reorganizing your finances or investing for the future — is key. Taurus sign Slow, steady and simple is your preferred budget style. Think property, stable savings accounts and low debt. A little each week adds up to a lot over time. …

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Student Success

Student Success By Zodiac Sign: Help Your Child Shine at School

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Social, curious and flexible, Air-element signs thrive on interactions with others. The ability to absorb information happens best for them in groups, so look for teachers and classes that support communal learning. Traditional-style learning with desks in rows, rote-memory quizzes and lots of fact-based tests is not the best for this element. Air signs need movement …

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What Does Your Child Need to Thrive?

Aries sign Aries children need to assert their independence. Forget about coddling these feisty kids. They want to be challenged, and do best when they are tackling a new activity or adventure. Cultivate patience and follow through to help them do their best. Taurus sign The Taurus kid has an easygoing and patient approach to life. They know how to …

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Summer Doldrums? Get Inspired at Work!

The Earth signs The Earth signs — Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus — are natural worker-bees, so they need to learn to be less driven to allow their imaginations to soar. The influences of the moment may be unpredictable, but those same influences are urging these signs to look further inward. If they can accomplish this, they’ll discover a wealth of …

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Bills Debts

Get Out of Debt By Zodiac Sign

Aries Sun Sign You possess more energy than any other sign in the zodiac … and this means you can spend faster and with more vigor. The best way to put your restless drive to good use is to find yourself a second job. The extra income will help you pay off your credit cards faster — while also leaving …

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Shopping for School – by the Signs

Aries Zodiac Sign Aries will do best with a back-to-school shopping experience that is fast and furious. Don’t leave too many options for store choices — just go and get it done. Respect the Aries sense of individuality when it comes to fashion and everyone should emerge from the experience just fine! Taurus Zodiac Sign Set a budget with your …

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Quality Time: What Your Sign Needs Most

Aries Excitement and challenge make you feel alive, Aries, so make sure you get plenty of both to refuel your inner fire. Taurus Nothing says quality to you more than a little rest and relaxation. Add a gourmet meal and a massage and you’ll be in true Taurus heaven. Gemini Mental stimulation and opportunities to communicate are what make you …

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Mother-Kiddo Fashion By Zodiac Signs

Aries Zodiac Sign Bold is beautiful. You’re drawn to the energy of bright colors and can do color-blocking like nobody’s business. So don’t try to be too “matchy.” Let everyone choose their own statement color in one of the cheery hues you’re so naturally drawn to. Taurus Zodiac Sign Tactile Taurus falls in love with the feel of a fabric …

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stress zodiac

How Zodiac Signs React in Times of Stress?

Aries Zodiac Sign Aries trusts that their guardian angel or their own initiative will come to the rescue in tough times. The Ram enjoys the thrill of risk, so doesn’t get too jangled when times are rough. Taurus Zodiac Sign Taurus believes that if they stand still long enough, the world will come to its senses and produce what they want. …

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Understand Your Boss by Zodiac Sign

Aries Energy is the key — if you don’t have it, fake it, as only the strong survive. Take notes as they whirl from fire to fire. This boss appreciates employees who not only keep up with them, but also can keep track of Plan A, B, C and D, all the while smoothing the feathers of those they’ve upset …

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4th Of July Celebrations For Every Zodiac Sign

Aries Sun Sign You thrive on freedom, and if you don’t get enough room to roam you may get cranky. Your solo activities should include an element of risk and adventure — otherwise you’ll just get bored. Enjoy your independence while trying a new sport or daredevil activity. Taurus Sun Sign Sensual indulgence helps you to rejuvenate and enjoy your …

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How Does Your Zodiac Sign Feels About Committed Relationships?

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio These three Fixed signs are loyal and, when it comes to love, definitely in it for the long haul. If this is you, or you have Venus, Mars or the Moon in these signs, you prefer a steady, stable relationship. You’re happy to commit, but it may take you a little time to make long-term promises. Once …

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Financial Sabotage – How Each Zodiac Sign Can Screw Up

Aries Zodiac Sign Impulse buys can instantly set you back into the red, and just as you were starting to make progress on your spending-savings ratio. Kamikaze spending habits are so two thousand and late. You love challenges, so try saving a quarter of your income over the next year. Put that Arian noggin to good use — a penny …

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Does Freelancing Suit Your Zodiac Sign?

The Cardinal Signs The Cardinal Signs are the self motivators, with heads brimful of ideas, good for new start-ups: Aries doesn’t operate well in isolation. They need the challenge of a workmate, so find a business where there’s a partner or a friendly competitor on the other end of the phone or email. Cancer is a people person, though very …

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