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Hey Mom! Take a Break With These Zodiac Signs Tips

Aries Zodiac Sign Stay active. If you don’t get a dose of exercise somewhere in the day a few times a week you will not be able to cope. It may seem counter-intuitive as finding the time to exercise may seem impossible — but if you do find this time — you will feel better and likely not lose your …

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Are Your Kids in Tune with Their Sun Sign?

Aries Zodiac Sign The Ram is designed to be a winner in whatever arena they operate, so you’ll need to find the one thing your Aries child is good at. This may take some searching, but find it and they’re sure to flourish! Taurus Zodiac Sign The Bull needs to be tuned in to both their body and five senses, …

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Creativity and Your Child’s Well-Being by Zodiac Sign

Aries Sun Sign Aries is a romancer, a dreamer — but their vision always involves action. They’ll adore sharing tales of daring-do, knights on white chargers rescuing princesses, or spaceships dashing to the rescue. Let them write it or paint it — and then, let them act it out! Taurus Sun Sign The Bull is a doer and needs practical …

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The Right Kind of Accommodations For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries Zodiac Sign The Ritz is an unlikely choice for the Ram, since it implies lounging around and soaking up the luxe atmosphere. The thought of lingering any longer than absolutely necessary is anathema to the energetic Ram. A downtown Marriott, especially if it’s close to a freeway exit, is about right. Or a tent. Or even a mobile home …

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party sun signs

The Perfect Party That Fits The Sun Signs Of Your Child

Aries Aries definitely needs competitive games, so whether it’s charades or a casino table, the Ram will be right in there. They also like finger foods to eat on the run. Taurus Since a party isn’t a true party without sumptuous eats, Taurus will always be found near the cream-filled cake. Consider hiring a singer to lift the mood and …

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How the Sun Signs Respond to a New Sibling

The most jealous zodiac signs The most jealous signs of the zodiac are Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces and Taurus. Scorpio needs intense one-to-one contact, so an ensemble family tends to irk them. Give them quality time just with you and they’ll mellow. Cancer can be persuaded to act as a surrogate parent, which will bring them closer to you and the …

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What’s Your Sign’s Decorating Style?

Aries: Function. Storage must be efficient and easy to access. You simply don’t have the patience to fuss with time-consuming details. To match your endless energy, decorate with bold bright colors. Taurus: Comfort. Splurge on big-ticket items, like the couch and bed. Quality counts, and natural fibers create a relaxing environment for you. Earthy tones and soft neutrals are ideal. …

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The Perfect Party for a Milestone Birthday by Zodiac Sign

Aries Aries won’t appreciate a quiet family dinner with elderly relatives there. They’ll prefer a rowdy party with all their favorite friends, and games a-plenty. Hire a roulette wheel, get out the dartboard or bring in a pool table. Food should be easy to grab, because your Aries will be moving around the whole party long. A raucous barbecue would …

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What’s The Best Baby Gear For You According to Your Zodiac Sign

ARIES: Think Sporty Spice You are the kind of mom that needs the best baby jogger, as well as the sling that allows you the most freedom to stay active. TAURUS: Think Bling You are the mom who first discovered that Gucci made a diaper bag. Or on the end of the Taurus extreme, if you’re not a fashionista, then …

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climb everest

What Activity Suits Your Zodiac Sign

Aries The Ram wants to move. The Aries traveler is self-sufficient to the core, so no tour groups for this sort. The agenda du jour is the Ram’s alone, and it will likely include many stops along the way. Exploring is important, so a jaunt to Paris will take in all the top sights, along with some lesser-known ones. A …

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Zodiac Signs Profiles To Get Along With Your In-Laws

Aries If you’ve got an Aries for an in-law, you’d better be ready to run! Not from them, but with them. This is someone possessed of a great deal of energy, and they would surely appreciate it if you were the same. You might also find them to be a bit brash and rash, and at times, they are. The …

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Best Way to Spend Quality Time with Your Family According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries Your idea of heaven with those close to you is all action: sports, playing games — preferably competitive ones you can win! Your ideal family time is to travel together and, in quiet moments, share your dreams. Taurus There’s no doubt what revs up your battery at home, and that’s eating together as a family and spending personal time …

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How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries Serene, calm and shaded are your key decor words — strange for a sign associated with fire. Your home needs to be a restful haven without too much clutter or overly radiant colors. The Moon rules your domestic area, and since moonlight is soft and rather mysterious, nothing should stand out too clearly. Moon colors are muted blues, greens …

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How to Deal with Family Stress During the Holidays Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Earth signs Earth signs can handle the practicalities — though not necessarily the emotional angst — that may come when families get together. The supreme coolest is Virgo, sensible, helpful, though not always tolerant of others’ panicky inability to make decisions. When over-pushed, they get rigid and nervy, and need to take time out to wind down. Capricorn will have …

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Get That Raise Using Astrology

ARIES: Outperform The competitive Ram realizes that in order to get more, you have to do more. Once you find out what others are getting paid in your field, and learn as much as you can about the specific services they perform for that salary, getting a raise is simple. You just do a service that is worth bigger money, …

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Being You -- Not Just a Mom

Being You — Not Just a Mom

They just go on calling you “Katie’s mom” — even the adults. “Katie’s mom, can I get you some fruit punch?” The whole conversation goes from there. “So where does Katie go to school? How does Katie know Kyle?” And this, oh nameless taxi driver and social secretary of Katie, is somehow acceptable to you. It’s become the new normal. …

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How to Be a Super Mommy – by Moon Sign

ARIES Aries Moons are active and playful. You can bond with your children through teaching them sports and participating in high-energy events together. Putting your child in a corner with a book isn’t for you. You love hands-on parenting and enthusiastic involvement. Your child couldn’t wish for a better cheerleader. TAURUS Taurus Moons thrive by creating a stable, secure home …

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How Your Zodiac Sign Should Ring in the New Year!

ARIES Sitting at home surrounded by a few close people is no way to usher in the New Year for such a gregarious sign as yours, oh Ram! Throw a major house party and invite all your friends — and all of their friends, too. This would also be the perfect opportunity to ask around all your casual acquaintances so …

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Days of the Week Meaning and Origin in Astrology

Western civilization has used the 7-day week for about two thousand years. Prior to that, there were other methods of clustering the days together. Around the world, people have found at least fifteen different ways (in bunches of 5 to 10 days) of grouping their days together. The ancient Greeks, it seems, had no week. Romans lived by an 8-day …

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Constellation Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus – a 13th Zodiac Sign? No!

Signs and Constellations: The Origin of the Illusory ‘Thirteenth Sign’ Debate Introduction Astrology and astronomy, once twin sciences, have followed divergent paths since the Age of Enlightenment. Astronomy moved towards a positivist view of the cosmos through the work of Brahe, Kepler, Newton and others. Astrology, although probably practiced by Brahe and Kepler, was lost from the mainstream of western …

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