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Colors Associated With Zodiac Signs

It is the power of the Sun that fuels the creation and generation of all life upon our planet. It is also only through the power of the sun and it’s gravitational field, that we and all the planets in our system exist at all. We should underestimate the power of the Sun…in our universe, in our solar system, in …

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Cat Horoscope

🐱 Cat Horoscopes: Astrology Traits by Zodiac Sign

A Cat Lovers’ Astrology Guide to the Zodiac Signs Cats sometimes have bad press. They are portrayed as cruel, annoying, unfriendly, bossy, aloof, incapable of love and only giving attention when they want food. What’s the real story behind the myth? Cats have myriad personalities, just like human beings. There’s the cat who likes to visit everyone in a block …

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The Day of Your Birth & It’s Influence on Your Personality

This person is original, independent, inventive, a natural leader. Frequently, has a tendency to be a loner, and has difficulty forming relationships with other people. Very strong physical stamina and constitution.  A “2” person seeks partnerships, socializing and cooperation. Is often influenced by mood swings. They do their best work in a structured organization and in a routine lifestyle.  They …

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Zodiac signs bondaries

Zodiac Signs and Boundaries

As the song says, ‘You gotta have skin to keep the outside out and the inside in.’ Our bodies consist of systems like blood, nerves, digestion and excretion. Without boundaries to keep these systems separate, we die. On the other hand, being too bounded is death as well. Things have to move across boundaries for there to be life. Food …

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Eating Habits According to Astrology

Your Eating Habits Zodiac Sign

The 6th cusp tells us something about our eating habits. Whether or not we follow these patterns, they are what we are naturally inclined to do. Keep in mind, however, that planetary configurations can alter or adjust the descriptions below. Note: These descriptions are for those without intercepted signs. Make adjustments for interceptions. To calculate your birth chart click here. …

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Risk Profiles For The Signs Of The Zodiac

What your sun sign says about the way you handle money, trading & business. Could there be a pattern to your best friend’s splurging? Is your great aunt’s wealth due to good luck or good management? How do you make the most of your financial potential? Take a tour of the 12 signs of the zodiac (‘the Sun signs’) and …

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Father’s Day Gifts by Zodiac Signs

What does dad really want for Father’s Day? Here’s what we heard… by the zodiac signs: Aries – “A tie.” Taurus – “Breakfast in bed – and I’m talking Eggs Benedict and Mimosas here.” Gemini – “All-day Simpsons marathon on DVD.” Cancer – “What do I want? I’m still thinking of something for my dad!” Leo – “Hmmm… a day …

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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Dad?

With Father’s Day we would like to celebrate the essence of fatherhood with a brief description of how your sign sees “father energy” – which gives us a clue as to how you might have viewed your own father in your childhood. So just choose your Sun sign, and here we go… If your Sun is in Aries, then your …

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Zodiac Guests – Entertaining By The Signs

You’re invited to a friend’s house for some good times and great food… right? Here’s what you can really expect, by the signs: Aries – Bring your oversized couch potato T-shirt and settle down for three or four hours of non-stop sporting events on the boob tube. Hope you like Pringles! Taurus – Taurus is sure to break out the …

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Comfort Food For Every Zodiac Sign

Feeling down? Take a page from Cancer’s recipe book! Here’s what our cooking diva recommends as the ultimate pick-me-up for each zodiac sign: Aries – Chips and dip – any kind – as long as it’s fast and easy to open. Aries wants instant gratification, and won’t stand still for a long, involved kitchen session. Sizzling salsa and other hot …

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The Sun Signs and Health

For thousands of years astrology has known that there is a connection between the different sun signs and parts of the body. Below you’ll find a list of ailments that the different signs are particularly vulnerable to: ARIES is vulnerable to headaches and accidents (often due to being in too much haste) such as cuts and burns. TAURUS is vulnerable …

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Planets ruling the Zodiac Signs- Know His Planet to Understand His Love

Think you know your guy because you know his sign? Think again. Unless you grasp the power of the planet that is behind his astrological idiosyncrasies, you don’t know enough to understand what motivates this man to love and be loved by you. Once you get his planet, you can totally rock his Universe. Aries ~ Mars Mars is the …

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Your Zodiac Sign for Health and Weight Loss

Can your Zodiac sign help you lose weight, determine your best type of exercise and improve your overall health? Could the answers be as easy as looking to the planets? It nevers hurt to turn to the wisdom of the Zodiac for a little inspiration and learn more about you. Aries Aries your fiery energy rarely allows weight gain. You …

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Improve Your Performance at Work with Zodiac Signs Tips

Home Versus Office: Your Work Performance Physical flexibility allows us to move freely and get the best out of our bodies. In theory, workplace flexibility should do the same on a corporate performance level. But does it work in practice? When it comes to the stars, one approach does not fit all. Aries Aries is a natural self-starter and works …

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Healing Herbs For Your Zodiac Sign

The use of medicinal herbs is as old as astrology itself. All herbs in the plant kingdom have been given the power to heal, both physically and spiritually. Most herbalists in ancient times were also astrologers and they gained insight into the secrets of herbalism by reviewing the different planetary positions. Herbalist-Astrologers classify the different herbs into categories according to …

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Best Diets For Every Zodiac Sign

It is a well known fact that people can be classified in various respects according to the sign of the zodiac under which they were born. One of the aspects in which people differ from one another is their physical profile. Dietitians today review the biochemical values of a person’s metabolism before recommending the right diet for them. However astrology …

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Aries and Libra Opposite Signs

Every sign has its opposite sign which supplies a mirror reflection of the qualities which appear to be lacking in the first sign. Aries is the sign of the self and self development. The natives of this sign are considered to be open, forthright, direct, courageous, and enthusiastic. The majority of Aries people have immediate access to their will and …

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What Activities Does Your Child Need to be Happy and Content?

It depends on which elements – Fire, Earth, Air, or Water – are strongest in the chart. Each astrological sign is one of the four elements – Fire, Air, Earth or Water – and children are especially sensitive to them. Knowing if your child is an energetic fire sign or a sensitive water sign gives you a headstart in understanding …

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Benefits of Knowing Your Child’s Zodiac Sign

As we know, raising children, and doing it well, is one of the most challenging tasks of humankind. If only they came with their own individual “How to” manuals. Time and again we wonder if we’re doing the right thing. When should we set firm limits, and when should we be understanding and sympathetic? We want them to grow up …

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Are Your Children Typical of their Zodiac Signs?

Here is a quick description of the children of each zodiac sign. The Aries child These children are in a hurry to explore the world – but on their own terms. They want to do things for themselves. They are inpatient and get bored easily. They have dynamic personalities and independent spirits. The Taurus child They have a sense of …

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