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Virgo – Virgo August 23-September 2 – 1st Virgo Decan Ruler & Subruler: Mercury-Mercury Mercury, planet of the mind, is both their ruler and subruler, which give them a formidable intellect. Virgo-Virgo has all the traits of Virgo in double force. They are the purist’s purist. They are almost too good. They are almost too intelligent. Virgo-Virgo is an Earth sign …

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Virgo In Love

If you are a Virgo you are understanding, easy at talk and, in spite of your pristine zodiac symbol, very sexy. But your idealistic values are unrealistically high, and ordinary souls are tried and found wanting. As soon as someone finally passes the test, you are warm, devoted, dedicated and helpful. MADLY IN LOVE WITH A VIRGO? To entrap a …

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Virgo psychological profile

Virgo is involved with a dynamic that uses discrimination skillfully in order to bring about purification or improvement of some kind. Virgo is able to look at reality with a cold, clear eye, instantly evaluate its component parts, and determine what is needed to make it better. The difficulty for well-intentioned Virgo can be her inability to see the whole …

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The Virgo Parent

If one of your parents is a Virgo, they are easy to talk to. They’re ready to listen to any problem you have and will help you solve it. But they also need to calm down! Your Virgo parent worries a lot (which can be annoying) and never seems to sit down and relax — unless you tell them you …

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Meditation for Virgo

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22) Meditate and quiet your mind. This will be a difficult task, since your mind is so active. It would help you a lot to listen to a tape of nature sounds — or to even be out in nature listening to birds, crickets or the wind through the trees. Be gentle with yourself when …

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Virgo Life Mission

As a Virgo, you’re supposed to be working hard at getting people and situations in your life that you can count on! Bring order and routine to your life by serving others and being dedicated to ta task. That’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – to bring order to your life! Your Virgo Affirmation Your Virgo Affirmation is “Everything …

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Virgo Health

Virgo means Divine Mother in Latin; in Hebrew it means, “House of Pure Water,” an original element of life. Embedded within the words and sign of Virgo is the idea of purity, an unadulterated state of being that maintains and preserves health. Virgo is the sign of the mother, who brings forth a Divine (or pure) Child. One of the …

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The Virgo Child

Astrology & the Child Virgo and the Child The Virgo child is like a seed, lying deep in the soil, quietly nurturing potential energy. A Virgo child can be shy, introverted, and introspective. But like the seed that shoots forth with the nurturing of the sun, soil, water, and gardener, this child can shoot forth with the nurturing of family, …

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Career Choises For Virgo

You are a MUTABLE-EARTH sign with a MENTAL, ANXIOUS, INTROSPECTIVE personality. You are present-oriented, concentrating on the “now” and are intellectually disciplined. With your precise, discriminating nature you can immediately see what is wrong in people, projects or things, so you are an excellent trouble-shooter and fixer-of-flaws. You’re critical of inefficiency or laziness, are precise, practical, conservative, meticulous, organized, a …

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