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Planetary Hours

planetary hours

Here are the properties of each planetary hour. You should note that the planetary day is important as well and below you will find the combinations of planetary hours and days and for what sitatuins are useful each combination of planetary hours and planetary days.

Things to remember:

1– You should also build an astrological chart for the moment and look for the best moment.
2– Because sometimes it’s difficult to find a good astrological moment, alternatively you may do a operation having in mind just the Moon phase (and also we suggest that the Moon should be situated in an astrological sign that fits well in the operation.) and having in mind always the planetary hours and days, which is the most important thing to consider.


  • Saturn hours: the planetary hours of Saturn are valid for whatever task that require discipline and endurance and are very good for operations to quit bad habits or initiate new good and healthy habits. whatever operation that needs to have a strong foundation. It has also got some relationship to religion. The effects of Saturn give stability for long term situations.
  • Jupiter hours: the planetary hours of Jupiter are good for money and wealth, expanding consciousness, mercy and compassion, honor, things related to politicians, laws and legislations, religious studies and practice, and in general will bring luck and prosperity in whatever area of life.
  • Mars hours: the planetary hours of Mars are good for sports, energy, courage, willpower, sex, martial arts, assertivenes and traditionally linked to success in war and protection against enemies and harm.
  • Sun / Sol hours: the planetary hours of the Sun are good for success, honors, relationship and petitions to authorities and governants, father, self consciousness, contact with the higher self and also beauty.
  • Venus hours: the planetary hours of Venus are good for love, beauty, feminity, attraction and attractiveness, luxuries, friendship and joy of life.
  • Mercury hours: the planetary hours of Mercury are good for communication, studies, learning skills, merchant and business skills, trade, rethoric and dialectics.
  • Moon hours: the planetary hours of the Moon are good for fecundity and growing in whatever aspect of life, home, memory, mother, understanding cycles of life, meditation, divination.


  • Monday: planetary day of the Moon / Luna.
  • Tuesday: planetary day of Mars.
  • Wednesday: planetary day of Mercury.
  • Thursday: planetary day of Jupiter.
  • Friday: planetary day of Venus.
  • Saturday: planetary day of Saturn.
  • Sunday: planetary day of the Sun / Sol.

The attributions of areas of life to planetary days are the same than the attributions exposed above to planetary hours.


When the planetary day coincides with the planetary hour, the influence of the planet is pure. The purest hour is the first planetary hour of the planet in a concrete day that corresponds to the first planetary hour just after the Sun rises in the morning. The first planetary hour in the morning is always the planetary hour of the planet ruling the day.

In general you should try to perform a task in the planetary hour and the same planetary day, so for example, if you want to make a beauty related task, you should do it on a Friday (planetary day of Venus) in the planetary hour of Venus. In a Friday you have 4 planetary hours of Venus to choose, but the purest is the first planetary hour of Venus which corresponds with the first planetary hour of Friday, just after the Sun rises in the morning.

However, sometimes you can’t await to the planetary day of the planet or also sometimes you don’t need the pure influence of the planet because you want to add some influence from other planet to your operation. for example, in the example mentioned above, if you want to add a sexual note, you could do it in the planetary day of Venus (friday) and the planetary hour of Mars, or changing both and do it in the planetary day of Mars (tuesday) in the planetary hour of Venus.

In general, the Sun hours and Moon hours are ok for whatever purposes related to other planets, they are like trump cards, although don’t mix well with Saturn and Mars. Regarding the planetary hours of the Moon, as long as the Moon is waxing, it will have an amplificatory effect.

The combinations are very similar to the meanings of astrological conjunctions of both planets in astrology.

Here you can find a list of some combinations of planetary hours and days and for what are useful:

  • Mercury and Venus: this combination of planetary hour and day is good for artists and scientists, because it temperates and integrates their opposities, helping to find the artist in the scientist and helping to find the scientist in the artist.
  • Mercury and Jupiter: useful for expanding consciousness and also expanding the conscious mind.
  • Mercury and Mars: useful for speeches that require a quick and concise approach, going exactly to the point.
  • Mercury and Saturn: useful for long terms studies, to provide discipline in the studies.
  • Venus and Mars: sexual passion, ardient love, physical love and sexual games.
  • Venus and Jupiter: luxuries, pleasant life.
  • Venus and Saturn: although this combination does not promise happiness, this could be useful exclusively on situations when a stability of a love relationship is required, to promote stability even at the cost of happiness. Duty and responsibilities previously to happiness.
  • Mars and Jupiter: this combination of planetary day and hour (or hour and day) is useful for ambition and careers that require competition.
  • Mars and Saturn: this combination is good to provide endurance to resist the adversities of life, induce austerity and spirit of sacrifice for higher goals, this combination is very good for those who want to initiate a military career.
  • Jupiter and Saturn: this combination induces wealth and success on the long term, based in a good foundation, induces honesty and sincerity and brings success in political and legislative careers, this combination is very fortunate for higher studies, especially studies of philosophy, religion, laws, and some sciences like architecture and mathematics.

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