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Can An Astrologer Predict A Person’s Death?

Vedic astrologers believe they can predict death. Western astrologers, in general, do not. I firmly believe that predicting death from the natal chart is not only virtually impossible without the benefit of hindsight, but also extremely unethical.

It is relatively easy to look at someone’s natal chart AFTER death, and to spot the transits and other clues which could have ‘predicted’ the death. A reliable formula for predicting death IN ADVANCE has eluded some of the finest minds in the astrological world.

My own philosophy is that death can take many, many forms. For some, death is a violent, unpredictable, traumatic affair. For others, it is a peaceful release, a blessing even. Some people fear death, others positively embrace it. All of these attitudes towards death, and ways of meeting death, will be indicated very differently in astrology. And a set of transits which ultimately preside over someone’s death may also have occurred at various other times in that person’s life with less drastic outcomes.

If one believes that astrology can predict death, then one must believe in fate and that we have no free will. I most definitely do not believe in that, as explained elsewhere on site – that is not what astrology is all about.

So: no, I do not believe death can be predicted through astrology – and given the immense responsibility it would bring, I would not want to predict death from a natal chart even if I could. There are very serious moral and ethical implications to such an ability, if it were to exist.

With regard to sites which claim to be able to predict death: a number of Vedic astrology sites claim to be able to do so, and there are also a couple of ‘death clock’ type sites working on who knows what kind of basis for their calculations. Most are spoofs rather than genuine attempts to predict anything. I will not link to them from here, but an internet search for relevant terms should bring up plenty of results.

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